Our longstanding partnership with Feeding America helps families in need

Our work with Feeding America provides food for families facing hunger across the country. The process of getting food to Americans in need requires a dynamic infrastructure and sophisticated management. Central to that process is the tireless commitment of food banks and the local food pantries they supply. Feeding America helps coordinate and facilitate the movement of donated food and grocery products to member food banks, which ensure the safe storage and reliable distribution of goods to local food pantries and meal programs. The food banks in turn distribute food and grocery items to people in need through food pantries and meal programs that serve children, families, seniors and other groups at risk of hunger.

Learn more about Feeding America’s distribution network by visiting http://www.feedingamerica.org/about-us/how- we-work/.

To help fight hunger in your community and across the country, donate to the Give A Meal campaign today.

Below are real stories from some of the families that Feeding America’s network of food banks serve.

Client Stories

Liz from Chicago, IL

“I always wanted to go back to school, but as a single mom with three boys, it was tough. Last year I decided to go back. We get by, but it’s a struggle, particularly during the holidays. Without the food pantry I don’t know what I’d do. I may not have a lot to give my boys, but they love food, so when the pantry gives us an amazing meal, I know they’re happy. And when they get older, they will go back to food pantries – but as volunteers, full of love, compassion and support for people in need.”

Victoria and Steven from Bartlett, TX

“For a long time, my family had a three bedroom house, a big yard and my husband had a well-paying job. We had to give it all up and move to take care of my mother and aunt. My mother suffers from Parkinson’s, and my aunt has disabilities and they needed us. We are happy to take care of two women who raised me, but it hasn’t been easy. The food pantry has been a lifesaver. They are giving us food and also hope by showing us that we’re not in this alone. There are people out there to help; there are people out there who care.”

Claudia from Oakland, CA

“I am a single mother and although I work almost every day, it's just not enough. I needed some extra help – so I decided to ask for it. Visiting the pantry changed my life. Not only has it helped me feed my growing girls, but it also has given me a community and a purpose beyond what I could have imagined. I began volunteering at the pantry a few months after my first visit and now volunteering for us is a family affair. I have been able to teach my children the value of giving back and helping people in need – a lesson I hope they carry with them all of their lives.”

Blenda from Gibson, GA

“A few years ago, I was given guardianship over my two grandchildren, Aaron and Carson. At the time I had enough money to feed myself, but suddenly I had two growing boys to feed too. Even though I was working full time and living off retirement savings, my income was not going to be enough. Food was going to be a problem. I sent my boys to a summer program that provided them with free breakfast, lunch and sometimes a little bag of food to take home on the weekends. This help made all the difference.”


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