Partnering around the world to fight hunger

Jan 27, 2016

Hunger is a major global challenge, with about 805 million people around the world struggling to find their next meal, creating a long-term impact on economic growth. That’s why we’ve formed partnerships with community organizations leading the fight against hunger, engaged our customers and clients, and rallied our employee volunteer efforts to help provide hunger relief. 

In the U.S., we’ve just wrapped up our holiday Give A Meal campaign, a partnership with the nonprofit Feeding America and its network of more than 200 food banks.

Thanks to donations from individuals across the country, including employees, customers and clients, we helped to provide more than 40 million meals for individuals at risk of hunger. We increased the impact of individual donations through a corporate match from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation: For every $1 donated to Give A Meal, we donated an additional $2. In addition, employees participated in more than 1,400 volunteer events to fight hunger.

Our work to address hunger extends around the world through global and regional partnerships. In 2015, employees in 12 countries — Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.K., Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Italy, the U.S., Israel and South Africa — volunteered thousands of hours to fight hunger.

Examples of our hunger partnerships

Below are examples of how we are taking action against hunger around the world:

  • Feeding Hong Kong (FHK ): We’re partnering to reduce the amount of food sent to Hong Kong’s landfills and help fight hunger at the same time. We were a key funder of the new FHK warehouse, which has enabled the organization to increase the volume and variety of food it can redistribute. We also supported a record-breaking food drive last year, collecting nearly 19 tons of food (the most ever received by FHK), which generated 44,000 meals for families in the city’s poorest neighborhoods.
  • Bancos de Alimentos de México: We’ve partnered with Bancos de Alimentos de México since 2014 on a unique program to rescue edible and safe food from a restaurant chain, which is then distributed to organizations serving families in need. To date, the program has rescued nearly 10 tons of food from 80 restaurants and distributed it to people in need, especially women, children and the elderly. We also held a food drive for the food bank and celebrated World Food Day with a Waste Less Lunch & Learn in Mexico.
  • Reinvestment Fund: We’re helping families in low income communities in the U.S. gain access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food through our partnership with the Reinvestment Fund, which provides financing to nonprofit-run grocery stores. Through our Community Development Financial Institution group, we’ve provided the organization with a $10 million line of credit enabling it to supply more food to individuals and families.
  • World Food Program USA: We’ve provided 400,000 school meals for displaced children worldwide who are living and going to school in refugee camps run by the United Nations World Food Programme, which is supported by World Food Program USA, our partner since 2004.
  • Global Foodbanking Network: We’re providing grants and volunteer support to nine Global Foodbanking Network food banks around the world.

“By working with strong partners across the globe, we are able to connect those in need with access to food and water. Supporting these fundamental issues can be life changing for individuals and families,” said Kerry Sullivan, President of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

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