Virtual Webinar with Military Times: "From Service Member to Civilian: Empowering Troops for Financial Transition"

Bank of America Joins Military Times to Empower Troops in Transition

Going from being an active-duty service member to being a full-time civilian has its opportunities, as well as challenges. That’s especially true when it comes to managing money.

We recently partnered with Military Times on a discussion to address these financial challenges, as part of our longstanding commitments to helping service members and veterans transition to civilian life, along with helping people get a better handle on their personal finances.

The conversation was led by Brigadier General Belinda Pinckney, U.S. Army (Ret), CEO, BHP Consulting, LLC and the treasurer of the Army Women’s Foundation. Panelists included Vivian Greentree, Ph.D., head of Military and Veteran Affairs at First Data, Phillip Carter, director of the Military, Veterans and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security, and Lewis Runnion, public policy director with Bank of America’s Military Affairs team.

Sharing their own experience as veterans, along with their work with veterans and their families, the panel addressed some of the big and often unexpected financial hurdles that service members face:

•    Health insurance
•    Tax obligations
•    Retirement plans
•    Finding employment
•    Going back to school or finding child care

To learn more about these topics and hear the full discussion, view the replay above.

Overcoming these challenges can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to look for help. The good news is that resources exist. Whether it’s reaching out to a military support group like Blue Star Families, or looking to online resources like, our financial education website developed in partnership with education innovator Sal Khan and the Khan Academy, service members should always be assured that they are not alone.

We strive to connect our heroes and their families to the training, education and resources that put them on the path to financial stability. Learn more about how we’re helping our nation’s military here.


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