Devoted to others

Mark Hogan and Ronnie Morris have developed a mentoring relationship over the past several years that has deeply affected both men.

Hogan, who has intellectual disabilities, has been working for the bank for six years. He currently works on credit application processes, doing data entry and quality control.

Morris, a senior vice president in consumer and small business banking, met Hogan while taking a tour of the Support Services department. Support Services is an in-house marketing and fulfillment operation made up of 300 employees with intellectual disabilities, who support every major line of business within the enterprise. Morris was looking for a fellow employee to mentor, and the two just clicked.

I've got a roof over my head, I've never gone hungry ... a lot of people aren't like that. I like to help people who don't have that privilege.

Mark Hogan
Bank of America

"He just has this infectious attitude,” said Morris.

They meet monthly, although now it’s often over the phone as Hogan is in Dallas and Morris has relocated to Ft. Worth. At least quarterly, the pair tries to meet face-to-face. They talk about opportunities at the bank, participating in the Disabilities Advocacy Network (DAN)—and great places to eat. Hogan is a foodie and loves to try out new burger joints and BBQ places. As he puts it, “all the stuff that’s bad for you.”

Hogan loves working for Bank of America, calling it “the best job I’ve ever had.” He appreciates the support the bank shows for its employees, from people with disabilities to military veterans.

Morris has helped Hogan navigate questions about his job and explore new opportunities within the bank. But as is so often the case, the mentee has had a tremendous effect on the mentor as well. Morris says he’s learned from Hogan’s humble attitude and his relentless positivity.

"His attitude, his devotion to others, his servant type attitude has really rubbed off on me,” Morris said.

That attitude is more than just words. Hogan is a prolific volunteer and contributes to canned food drives, clothing drives and backpack/supply drives and goes out into the city once a month to feed the homeless.

“Mark is a volunteer machine,” said Morris.

His extensive volunteerism led Hogan’s Support Services colleagues to nominate him for Bank of America’s 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Award.

"I love to help out people,” Hogan said. He is also active in his church, and his faith motivates much of his commitment to others. “I've got a roof over my head, I've never gone hungry … a lot of people aren't like that,” he said. “I like to help people who don't have that privilege.”



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