50 states, 50 marathons, one goal

Only three weeks after running five marathons in five states, Stephanie Thompson will step onto an airplane and head to Chicago to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Shortly after graduating from military college in Vermont and serving four years as a naval officer, including an eight-month employment in the Gulf, Thompson made it a goal to not only run a marathon on every continent (five so far), but also to run a marathon in each U.S. state. As she crosses the finish line at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October, she will accomplish this goal.

Marathon: The Metaphor for Life

On a personal level, Thompson has always seen running marathons as a metaphor for life. During the actual race, regardless of how much you’ve trained, so much can happen and the going is bound to get difficult. For Thompson, it’s never about the destination, but the journey and the people she meets along the way. Grateful that she will have her family and several marathon friends waiting for her at the finish line in Chicago, Thompson looks forward to meeting new companions and supporters this October as she takes on her 50th marathon in the U.S. and completes another milestone of her life journey.

Choosing Chicago for the finish

When Thompson takes her place for the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, it will be her first time in Chicago. As Thompson’s parents have yet to see her compete, it was very important for her to choose a location that was easily accessible, especially for her father who has had health issues as a result of polio.

Thompson greatly looks forward to visiting the city and taking part in this world-class event.

“I’ve heard such great things about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Not only is it a flat course weaving through numerous neighborhoods, it is a huge race and weather-wise, it’s the perfect time of year,” she said. “I plan to wear state number 50 all over my clothes. Hearing how encouraging the Bank of America Chicago Marathon crowd is, and knowing the race draws runners and spectators from all over the world, I hope it will draw a crowd and calls of support.”


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