Focusing on career mobility in an accessible office

Starting any new job includes a learning curve. When Chandler Henry started his new role in Bank of America’s tax department, he was interested in putting his schooling to practical use, as well as how his new employer would accommodate with his personal needs.

Chandler, who is in a wheelchair, found a supportive employer from the start. After talking to Chandler to learn what he needed to do his job, the bank provided a workspace for him alongside his tax teammates in an open-plan office. They also connected him with their employee affinity group, the Disability Advocacy Network (DAN), which has been an invaluable resource. The group includes employees across all divisions of the bank as well as executives who serve as mentors.

“The Bank as a whole is very accepting and willing to help,” Chandler said. “I think the diversity here at the Bank is really something that is improving and is good – they work hard to continuously improve.”

With his workplace needs met, Chandler could concentrate on his new role with the corporate tax team and putting his master’s degree in accounting to use. “When I was going back to school, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do,” he said. “Working with numbers attracted me … Honestly, I enjoyed taxes, as crazy as that may sound.”

Chandler has worked for the bank’s tax team for more than three years. He works in state income tax compliance for the bank and spends a lot of his time communicating with state revenue agents to resolve tax reporting questions when they arise.

From the time he started at the bank, he had his eye on advancement and recently earned a promotion. “I embraced the challenges of my role and made every effort to excel in it. My manager recognized that and advocated strongly for me to get the promotion,” Chandler said. “I feel lucky because I work with caring people that treat me fairly and want me to succeed … they saw my potential and are helping me realize it.”

When not hard at work digging through corporate tax filings, Chandler cheers on the Panthers – he’s partial to football, but loves all sports – and enjoys travel. “I’m fortunate,” he said. “Bank of America’s been accepting and willing to provide anything I feel like I need, and I’ve always felt appreciation for that.”


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