“Bank on wheels” gets quick assistance to hurricane victims

Customers deposited checks, opened new accounts and sought solutions to their flooded situations from our bankers temporarily housed in the “bank on wheels,” in East Houston, following Tropical Storm Harvey.

The truck was parked outside a Bank of America financial center that remained closed for six weeks after Harvey flooded the bank’s servers. The high-traffic location was critical for the bank’s customers, so officials drove in the mobile unit, complete with ATM, bank tellers and various other employees.

Eight of the bank’s financial centers in the area and 619 ATMs were closed in the weeks following the storm. Three banks on wheels and three mobile ATMs helped local customers in areas left without access to critical services.

“We are providing all the help that the community and our customers need to get back on their feet,” said Thong Nguyen, president of retail banking, Bank of America. “We’re helping to rebuild, but we’re also making an investment into making sure we help the community prevent these disasters from happening.”

Bank of America waived close to $20 million in fees for customers affected by Hurricane Harvey, including deposit fees for overdrafts, debit card rush and replacement fees, fees for early withdrawals, and late-payment fees on credit cards and some loans. The bank also provided flexible underwriting to encourage people to rebuild their homes and replace their cars.


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