One step at a time: Partnering with Artists For Humanity and (RED)

Bank of America’s seven-year, $20 million commitment to (RED)’s fight to end AIDS has helped provide HIV positive mothers with the lifesaving medication they need to deliver healthy, HIV free children. As part of the buildup to World AIDS Day 2016 and (RED)’s annual holiday shopping initiative, (SHOPATHON)RED, which runs each year during the holiday shopping period, we produced a TV commercial highlighting the impact of that commitment.

To help bring our (RED) story to life, we worked with our friends at Artists For Humanity. The Boston-based non-profit, with whom we’ve partnered over the last 11 years to help cultivate the artistic talents of underserved local youth, offered us their instructors and studio space, lending us a hand – and a foot – in the creation of our TV commercial and an amazing piece of original art.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we brought our vision to life.

Learn more about our partnership with Artists For Humanity.

Thanks to the incredible talent of Artists For Humanity, the final TV commercial and its resulting artwork turned out beautifully.

With your help, we’re one step closer to ending AIDS. Learn more about our partnership with (RED) and find out how you can get involved at


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