Employees make a positive environmental impact through an EcoChallenge

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In early 2016, we teamed up with the Northwest Earth Institute to ask employees to participate in an EcoChallenge and commit to one new positive action to improve the environment. Thousands of employees stepped up and the results demonstrate how individual actions can add up to a powerful collective impact. During the two-week challenge, more than 3,200 employees around the globe*:

  • Saved more than 109,300 gallons of water, equivalent to five swimming pools
  • Eliminated more than 10,769 disposable cups from landfills
  • Avoided nearly 400 pounds of food waste from entering the landfills
  • Replaced 1,245 bulbs, saving over $17,000 in energy costs

*Note: Estimates tabulated by the Northwest Earth Institute

Here are a few employees that did their part:

  • Shea Akers committed to conserve water. She built a custom rain barrel to catch the rainfall in North Texas, watering her plants with the captured water. She said of her experience: “I truly appreciate that our company allows us the opportunity for employees to participate in activities and learning events that have impact to not only our work environment but our lives outside of the office.”
  • Anubhav Aseeja stepped up to serve as the team captain of “Green India.” Collectively, the team saved more than 8,400 gallons of water and replaced 122 energy inefficient light bulbs. Anubhav saw first-hand that people coming together, even with a small commitment, can have a significant impact. As he said, “small things together make a big difference.”

The EcoChallenge is just one of many ways employees are stepping up to make a positive impact on the environment through the My Environment® employee program.

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