Connecting moms with success

Being a mother is a full-time job. So at Bank of America, we’re fully committed to helping our employees balance their work and family lives. From convenient work-from-home and flex-time programs to generous maternity and adoption leaves to back-up care options, our aim is to provide flexibility and support where and when it's needed.

We’re proud of our long history – 26 years – of making Working Mother Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies. It’s a list that recognizes companies for outstanding leadership in establishing policies, programs and corporate culture that supports working moms. We’re committed to helping all employees balance their work and family lives and know this is especially important for our working mothers. From 12 weeks parental leave, to back-up child care and flexible work arrangements, we make it a priority to offer benefits and programs that help maintain this balance. Click here to learn more about our Benefits programs.

For us, women mean business

The success of women in the workplace is a priority for us at Bank of America. More than 50% of our employee population is female, and we have a long-standing and comprehensive commitment to recruit, develop, retain and promote women. Doing so allows us to be competitive in the marketplace and meet the diverse financial needs of our clients and customers. Through programs like the Global Ambassadors Program, women leaders from around the world are paired with successful women executives from Bank of America and other companies for one-on-one mentoring. In this forum, hundreds of women are addressing economic issues facing their homelands. At the same time, Bank of America is engaging our clients and regional influencers to lend support in distant places where the leadership of women can make all the difference.

It starts at the top with visible female leadership

Bank of America has a longstanding commitment to developing, recruiting and retaining women. We promote advancement through rigorous talent and succession planning, performance management and individual development programs that are in place at all levels of the company including at the top with our board of directors.

Our CEO Brian Moynihan’s management team is also reflective of the bank’s commitment to empowering all employees including women. Four of Moynihan’s direct reports are women: Catherine P. Bessant, Global Technology and Operations Executive; Anne Finucane, Global Strategy and Marketing Officer; Christine Katziff, Corporate General Auditor; and Andrea Smith, Global Head of Human Resources.

Networks that work: employee resource groups for women

With more than 200 chapters and worldwide, employee networks enhance opportunities for employee development through networking, mentoring and information forums. Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for Women is an employee resource group dedicated to promoting professional women’s development to help grow, attract and retain successful women throughout Bank of America.

Innovating in recruitment

In 2014, we introduced a new Returning Talent Program in the U.S., which helps stay-at-home caregivers reenter the workplace. The workshop covers interviewing and résumé building, developing an elevator pitch and job search strategies. There’s also an in-person session with people who have “been there, done that.” The program was launched in 2012 in London.


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Women represent one of every country’s greatest natural resources. We all know that when women are empowered, economic growth improves lives for individuals, families and communities.