Challenges and opportunities affecting our world today are being discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Get involved by weighing in with your opinion, following the conversations, and taking a closer look at exclusive content.

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  • @BofA_News Will women’s increased purchasing power affect the way companies make marketing decisions?
  • @BofA_News Do you feel women entrepreneurs have the same access to capital and business networks as men?
  • @BofA_News Do you think data is the new natural resource of the 21st century?
  • @BofA_News As web-enabled devices take a more prominent role in our societies, should governments oversee them?
  • @BofA_News Does technology have the potential to ensure people feel truly represented by leaders?
  • @BofA_News Will enough infrastructure be developed to make electric cars the primary choice for consumers?
  • @BofA_News Does increasing population and a finite amount arable land call for agriculture innovation?
  • @BofA_News Does technology make it easier to prevent, detect and treat non-communicable diseases?
  • @BofA_News Does internet centralization by search engines and social networks pose a danger to data privacy?
  • @BofA_News Are middle-market companies missing out by not taking advantage of opportunities in foreign markets?
  • @BofA_News Will the growing costs of obesity on governments spur action against the epidemic?
  • @BofA_News Should diversity of educational models, even within a given country, be encouraged?
  • @BofA_News Should cities centralize individual data feeds to manage traffic, water flow, and parking?
  • @BofA_News Have longer life expectancies impacted people’s approach to saving for healthcare costs?
  • @BofA_News Do you think enough is being done to finance renewable energy projects?
  • @BofA_News Are training, coaching and mentoring the best ways to develop tomorrow’s leaders?
  • @BofA_News As you move more of your information online, are you prepared to safeguard your assets?
  • @BofA_News Should payment transaction security be an important concern when traveling abroad?
  • @BofA_News Do you believe there is a leadership crisis in the world today?
  • @BofA_News Do you see optimizing credit and cash flows as essential to achieving international growth?
  • @BofA_News Do you think a lack of online security is a financial threat in 2015?
  • @BofA_News Do you think Asia offers more upside for business expansion than Latin America?
  • @BofA_News Do you think a resurgence of U.S. manufacturing is probable?
  • @BofA_News Will modularization disrupt traditional attitudes towards current educational models?
  • @BofA_News Do you think the rise of omnipresent connectivity and data will impact societies?
  • @BofA_News Do you think there needs to be greater efficiency in water use in the production of energy?
  • @BofA_News Do you think the growth of for-profit education will lead to more education in developing countries?
  • @BofA_News Is the issue of global income inequality a major concern to you?
  • @BofA_News Should governments create opportunities for entrepreneurship to combat unemployment?
  • @BofA_News Is energy efficiency more important to the energy crisis than energy development?
  • @BofA_News Have there been enough promising breakthroughs in renewable energy in the last 5 years?
  • @BofA_News Do you feel economic growth is possible without government reform?
  • @BofA_News Can improving the health of a nation’s citizens directly result in economic growth?
  • @BofA_News Should finding socially-conscious solutions to business challenges be a priority?
  • @BofA_News Should the efficiency of water usage in global agriculture be a cause for concern?
  • @BofA_News Do you think open-source learning will revolutionize the landscape of education?
  • @BofA_News Do you consider cities to be the future of global economic growth?
  • @BofA_News Are governments prepared to handle the needs of an aging global population?
  • @BofA_News Are investments in energy infrastructure important to you?
  • @BofA_News Are the benefits great enough for companies to move manufacturing back to the U.S.?
  • @BofA_News Should fraud prevention be the top priority for most companies conducting online business?
  • @BofA_News Should most companies have business continuity plans in case of disaster?
  • @BofA_News Do misconceptions form one of the biggest obstacles preventing universal access to safe water?
  • @BofA_News Will greater access to quantitative healthcare data change the healthcare business model?
  • @BofA_News Will mobile pay applications become the dominant method of payment amongst consumers?
  • @BofA_News Would you consider global standardization to have a negative impact on education?
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