Vested in Veterans Helps With Personalized Plans for Jobs, Careers and Finances

Jan 23, 2013

More than a million military servicemen and women are expected to return to civilian life in the next five years, and are likely to face a number of challenges, including a difficult job market. To help military veterans and their families get the services they need to succeed on the home front, Goodwill Industries International, with the support of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, is launching Vested in Veterans.

This new initiative will build on existing Goodwill® programs to create a support system that helps veterans in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and San Antonio take advantage of educational opportunities, find jobs and build their careers. Participants in the program get individualized career and financial plans designed to support personal goals for employment, finances, assets, leadership and service. To help them achieve those goals, the participants are connected to community college courses, job search and placement services, and career development tools.

According to Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International, “We owe it to every one of our veterans and their family members to provide them with the tools they need to advance beyond their military careers and connect them with employers who understand the value of their military experience, so they can succeed at work and at home. Through Vested in Veterans, we will enable veterans and military family members to focus on their careers and financial goals, and create a roadmap for successful civilian careers.”

Kerry Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, sees the program as emblematic of the bank’s ongoing support of the military: “Bank of America’s investment in Goodwill is just one of the ways we are helping individuals, including returning military, get the education and training they need to access jobs and build better financial futures. We’re honored to recognize the sacrifice and leadership of our military members, veterans and their families through longstanding support and pleased to partner with Goodwill as part of our ongoing commitment to improve local economies.”

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