Working with True Value to Help Local Storeowners Better Serve Their Customers

Nov 07, 2011

Video Transcript

Bank of America understands our business, it understands our story. They’re very interested in helping us stay successful.

Barbara Wagner
VP of Finance, True Value Company


V/O (George Zimmermann): My grandfather started the store in ah …

V/O (Carole Zimmermann): 1912?

SUPER: George Zimmerman, Zimmerman True Value Hardware

V/O (George Zimmermann): Yeah in 1912.

V/O (Carole Zimmermann): Then we started thinking about another location and it was like George’s dream come true.

V/O (George Zimmermann): As my children were getting older and it became very easy for them to come with Dad to the store and they all pitched in and they all took over.

SUPER: Cheryl Zimmermann Shepard

V/O (Cheryl Zimmermann Shepard): We have the type of store and the type of service that requires almost a one-on-one with our customers.

V/O (Kurt Zimmermann): There is nothing like the satisfaction of being able to help somebody solve a problem.

SUPER: Bob Blasinski, Retail Consultant, True Value Company

V/O (Bob Blasinski): Once you get hardware in your blood it’s hard to get it out. In our business what you have to do is to really find your niche and to market to that. True Value is, is definitely quality and it’s definitely service. You can’t beat our service.

SUPER: Barbara Wagner, VP of Finance, True Value Company

V/O (Barbara Wagner): True Value Company has an initiative called Destination True Value. This is our new retail format that can improve a store's return on investment and become more profitable. Bank of America has been a long-term partner with True Value Company.

V/O (Cheryl Zimmermann Shepard): We couldn’t have done something like the new remodel without the help of True Value and Bank of America.

SUPER: John Compernolle, Market Executive, Bank of America

V/O (John Compernolle ): Every neighborhood has a True Value hardware store within it. Having the ability to finance its growth and be a part of that growth is very exciting at Bank of America. It keeps the communities vibrant, provides jobs within the community, and it also provides a sense of community pride.

SUPER: Kurt Zimmerman

V/O (Kurt Zimmermann): Even though the building hasn’t moved and the people haven’t changed, there’s new business to be had. This new remodel, Destination True Value, gives us the tools to be relevant again to a new customer, a new marketplace.

V/O (Barbara Wagner): Bank of America understands our business, it understands our story. They’re very interested in helping us stay successful.

V/O (Cheryl Zimmermann Shepard): It’s been a good community to build in and it’s changing, too, so we can change with it.

V/O (Bob Blasinski): Ultimately what we want to see out of this is for Zimmermann’s to grow, for it to be there for the next generation of Zimmermanns. It’s a good success story and we want to continue with that.

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