A High Octane Day on the Links

Jul 30, 2014

America’s love affair with golf began in the late 19th Century with the opening of the nation’s first golf club outside of New York City. Fast forward to the present day and the U.S. plays host to 3,400 golf courses across the country. However, recent years have seen a decline in the number of Americans playing the game, forcing the industry to identify innovative ways to attract new people to a fun round on the links.

Leading the charge in introducing new audiences to one of America’s favorite pastimes is TopGolf. A company with a growing national footprint, TopGolf brings the game of golf together with high energy entertainment for people of all ages and skill levels. Their secret is an inventive and addictive point-scoring approach to golf. Using a patented, state-of-the-art microchip technology and a 240-yard field, players aim at a series of challenges and targets for a thrilling game experience. And, in addition to gaming, customers can also enjoy delicious dining and fun cocktails while they play.

TopGolf is a revolutionary way to play golf for people of all ages. It offers a game easy enough for kids to learn when picking up a club for the first time, but can also be challenging for seasoned players to compete with their friends and family through individual games or participation in organized league play. And, since TopGolf provides a wide range of entertainment options, it brings the golfer and non-golfer together, allowing some to play the game while others can converse, watch televised sporting events, or enjoy great food and drinks.

TopGolf’s engaging business model supports the company as it continues to grow nationally. With locations in Alexandria, VA, Dallas, TX, Allen, TX and the Chicago area, TopGolf is working in 2012 to open new Texas sites in Houston and Austin. Austin will become the company’s largest entertainment site with 71,000 square feet of space and a staggering array of entertainment options. A client since 2010, Bank of America is proud to work with TopGolf on its growth plans. From providing both short and long-term financing solutions to treasury management services, Bank of America is both a financing and business advisory partner to the emerging company.

“Bank of America was there for us starting two to three years ago when we were still a fledgling concept in need of support. Our contacts at Bank of America took the time to really research the concepts. They went to our Dallas site. They went to our Chicago site. They saw the amount of excitement and the thrill and the look of happiness of the face of our guests and said, ‘this is unique, this is not a fad, this is something that is lasting,’” said Randy Starr, TopGolf chief development officer.

Although TopGolf’s growth plans are national in scale, the company’s impact is also felt locally, as each new site represents a community social experience, major capital investment and significant job creator. In Austin alone, TopGolf expects to attract nearly 2,000 customers each day and hire nearly 100 employees.

“The great thing about Top Golf is that in any city they go into, whether it’s the Metroplex here or around the country, they bring new jobs. So in Dallas and in Allen, as they’ve opened new locations, they’re helping the communities. And that’s always a great thing for the local community,” said Jody Hodges, Bank of America client manager. 

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