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Sep 25, 2011

Video Transcript

SUPER: Cindy Moss, STEM Program Director Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools

V/O (Moss): Bank of America and NASCAR are two organizations that have done a really good job of asking questions, trying to figure out what’s the most impactful way they can work in our community.

SUPER: Andy Papa, Pit Crew Coordinator, Hendrick Motorsports

V/O (Papa): Bank of America’s sponsorship is more than just putting their name on a race, they get involved with community events, [and] they get involved with educational events.

V/O (Moss): Kids today really need to be totally immersed and use all of their senses.

V/O (Papa): Students at the speedway is the first step of how Bank of America brings the motorsports industry to students in this region. The bank will bring in middle school students and expose them to hands-on learning and all the different things that get involved in the motorsports industry.

SUPER: Kasey Kahne, Race Car Driver

V/O (Kahne): There’s a lot more to than just racing the cars, and sometimes kids may not know that.

V/O (Papa): The kids will go to different stations and experience different activities that all relate to NASCAR.

SUPER: Ciddell, Student

V/O (Ciddell): What surprised me today was how science and math got involved with all the racecars.

V/O (Papa): Motorsports is the personification of a physics lesson or a science lesson—it brings those subjects to life.

V/O (Kahne): It definitely inspires, and it definitely excites and it kind of gives them something to think about.

V/O (Moss): An opportunity for high school kids is the Bank of America Career Day at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. High School kids can come interact with local colleges that focus on NASCAR and motorsports careers and that once they know that those options really can be for them, that they’ll buy in to what we are trying to provide for them at school.

SUPER: Cathy Bessant, Global Technology and Operations, Bank of America

V/O (Bessant): It’s about students seeing that opportunity isn’t far away, that opportunity is right where they live and they can be a part of something really special.

SUPER: Lisa Smokstad, Tire Specialist, Hendrick Motorsports

V/O (Smokstad): This event is great. I think the industry is so large, and I think everything they are learning in school can be applied to motorsports.

V/O (Papa): What happens is high school students make the connection that it’s not just something you see on TV – its actually an industry that you can get involved in. And when the light bulb goes off, it’s really exciting.

SUPER: Xaviar, Student

V/O (Xaviar): It just clicked. This year I’ve been taking Algebra 2 and I’ve been wondering how that could tie into a career, and I’ve seen all the different math majors that you can use to get into NASCAR.

V/O (Papa): For those students that truly feel that motorsports is for them, Bank of America has created internships that will give these students the hands-on experience of working with a race team.

SUPER: Brandon Smith, Senior Network Administrator, Hendrick Motorsports

V/O (Smith): A student that can come in, get a feel for the industry, get a feel for the technology that we use—very important.

SUPER: William Littlejohn, HR Manager, Hendrick Motorsports

V/O (Littlejohn): We have engineers, we have human resources professionals, we have accountants. NASCAR is a large central focus within the Charlotte community. And by Bank of America sponsoring with one of the larger employers, it only can help the community grow.

V/O (Smokstad): These events are phenomenal. I can imagine the impact it would have had on my life.

V/O (Moss): I feel like the decisions we make, the opportunities we offer to kids is what’s setting the future of our society. And I am very thankful that Bank of America and NASCAR realize that too.

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Bank of America’s sponsorship is more than just putting their name on a race, they get involved with community events, [and] they get involved with educational events.

Andy Papa
Pit Crew Coordinator, Hendrick Motorsports