Bank of America Culminates Third Successful Year of “Express Your Thanks” Campaign

Oct 22, 2014

As part of our commitment to helping returning service members and veterans make the transition to life at home, Bank of America culminates our third annual “Express Your Thanks” campaign. Throughout the past year, the bank and our partners have created opportunities for Americans to demonstrate their appreciation for the troops at major events, banking centers, and online.

With the goal of reaching up to $1 million in donations to support military nonprofits, the 2014 campaign exceeded expectations, motivating over one million people to participate. For each expression of thanks generated by the campaign, Bank of America donated $1 to support Wounded Warrior Project® and Welcome Back Veterans in their efforts to help military men and women transition to civilian life after service.

The campaign launched on Memorial Day and was promoted in banking centers, where customers created thousands of handwritten expressions of thanks. The campaign also reached fans through social media, and at major sporting events through Bank of America’s partnerships with NASCAR and various MLB and NFL teams, leading up to its culmination during Game 1 of the World Series on October 21. Attendees were able to share gestures of gratitude — photos, messages, tweets — that each resulted in a $1 donation from the bank.

“When you know your efforts are appreciated, it makes it all worthwhile,” said Al Giordano, cofounder of Wounded Warrior Project, at a campaign event during Fleet Week in New York City. Visitors to Times Square were invited to write a message of thanks and snap a picture, which was then broadcast on the Bank of America Times Square billboard, resulting in a $1 donation for every participant.

At the Bank of America 500 NASCAR race on October 11, a “stand and salute” tribute engaged audiences in the stands, on social media and watching the broadcast at home, ultimately raising $1 for every attendee expressing their thanks. Similarly, during the seventh-inning stretch of Game 1 of the World Series, Bank of America urged attendees to remain standing in order to honor the troops for their service. Again making a donation for each person who stood in tribute, the bank reached our $1 million goal for the year during this event.

“Each time I’ve heard ‘thank you for your service’ or ‘welcome home,’ it’s never gotten old. I never take it for granted. It’s really helped me recover,” said Jason Braase, U.S. Army veteran, who participated in the Fleet Week event with Wounded Warrior Project

Funds raised by “Express Your Thanks” directly support reintegration programs for veterans and their families, including mental health (PTSD research and treatment), housing and employment programs run by Wounded Warrior Project and Welcome Back Veterans.

“Jason is one of thousands of men and women that will need and deserve our full support as they transition from military service to civilian life,” said Jeff Cathey, head of Bank of America’s Military Affairs team. “They’re trying to settle into a new way of life, finding a home, securing a job, all while taking care of their wellbeing. Every expression of thanks – no matter how simple – is extremely meaningful. It shows these brave men and women how truly thankful we are for their service and at the same time, helps support two organizations that provides this critical support.”.

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