A 150-year-old organization helps families grow in Chicago

Sep 26, 2012

Video Transcript

SUPER: Ric Estrada, President/CEO, Metropolitan Family Services

Ric Estrada: Metropolitan Family Services is an organization in Chicago that cares for families, and has been caring for families for a hundred and fifty-five years. We provide services that help individuals and families to be stronger. We believe that in order to have a strong society, you need strong families.

SUPER: Marcus Boggs, Senior Financial Advisor, Bank of America

Marcus Boggs: Those services could include elder care, legal aid, adoption services, parental counseling, and other services that every family may need at some point.

Ric Estrada: We provide services in four key areas we like to call them “The Four ‘E’s”. Education, that’s childcare, after-school care, work in the schools. Economic sustainability. And that includes work force development and training people. Emotional wellness for us is counseling and mental health services. And empowerment. That’s helping folks find their own voice so they would advocate for themselves and that they understand their rights. And we believe that those are the pillars to move families along to a better and healthier space.

Marcus Boggs: This is often times a place where many working parents are able to bring their children to meet other kids within the community and they get education, they get social skills

SUPER: Patricia Melidones, Teacher, Metropolitan Family Services

Patricia Melidones: All of these parents tell us they want their kids to go on to college. And this is one way that they can give them a good foundation to become successful and happy later on in life.

SUPER: Felipe Marchant, Parent

Felipe Marchant: My daughter is happy. She’s always telling me that she wants to come and learn new things.

Patricia Melidones: Any head start that you give children, gives them an advantage that they didn’t have otherwise. 

Marcus Boggs: Bank of America has a very, very longstanding relationship with Metropolitan Family Services; over twenty-five years. Over the years, we’ve given them over seven hundred thousand dollars in grants.

Ric Estrada: Mark is one of our board members. He’s a passionate individual; cares deeply about the communities that we serve.

Marcus Boggs: Metropolitan Family Services was the 2008 Neighborhood Builder award recipient.

Ric Estrada: That award is not only significant because it provides a very generous grant. But also it provides leaders within the organization the opportunity to have a yearlong leadership training. What is says about Bank of America, that they invest financial resources, human talent; it’s that they care about the communities where they work, live and play.

Marcus Boggs: Metropolitan Family Services is a fantastically run organization. They continue to provide, not only a footprint for the Chicago community to succeed, but also, a place where we really are grooming future leaders.



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