A multifaceted relationship with Howard University supports academics, healthcare and culture in the D.C. community

Jul 02, 2005

With its main campus located just two miles from the U.S. Capitol, Howard University is in an advantageous location for an academic institution that seeks to address a range of national and global issues. Founded in 1867, Howard is one of the country’s leading private universities, home to 12 schools and colleges. The preeminent historically black university, it has produced a high percentage of the nation’s black professionals in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, architecture, religion, law, fine arts, social work and education. Today, it provides a first-rate education for approximately 7,500 undergraduates and 3,600 graduate and professional students.

Known for its strong academics, Howard has a particular emphasis on research. It is also culturally diverse, with students coming from across the U.S. and from more than 100 countries to attend. Howard has something else that sets it apart: as a federally-chartered land grant institution, it receives a federal appropriation that enables the university to offer an education to its students at a lower cost than similar schools, ensuring access to students of high academic standard and potential. For example, in the 2010-2011 academic year, the tuition was an affordable $17,905, well below tuition for other schools in its category.

The main campus of Howard has grown from a single frame building to more than 89 acres, including a six-story, 500-bed Howard University Hospital. Originally it was called Freedmen’s Hospital and provided medical care for ex-slaves. Today, it is a teaching hospital offering opportunities in clinical research and patient care.

For many years, Bank of America has had a multi-faceted relationship with Howard University. As the official bank of the university, Bank of America handles the university’s bank accounts, as well as banking for students and employees. There are several ATMs dotting the campus and at the hospital. In addition, the bank offers financial literacy programs to the Howard community.

Bank of America also supports the arts and culture on campus. For example, the Howard University Gallery of Art recently hosted an exhibit from the Bank of America “Arts in the Communities” program. Titled "Mixing Metaphors," it showcased a significant collection of African-American art from the Bank of America collection. The exhibit provided students, faculty and local residents access to a world-class exhibit that enhances the cultural vibrancy of the campus and the surrounding community.

The university has a clearly articulated vision for the years ahead. Howard University President Sidney Ribeau is committed to maintaining a financially and environmentally sustainable environment, as well as helping improve the quality of life for underserved communities and formulating national policies of relevance to African-Americans. According to President Ribeau, “We expect to build on our legacy of service and excellence as we work to increase funding for the university, expand internationally, enhance our research programs and develop strong leaders in business, politics and other professions. We look forward to continuing to work with Bank of America to strengthen our financial position. It has been an enduring and productive relationship, and we have benefited from the bank’s expertise.”

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