Feeding Houston families

Mar 03, 2014

Our partnership began in 2008 with a monetary donation and has evolved into a collaboration to tackle hunger in Houston.

Hong Ogle
Bank of America

More than 66,000 people go hungry every day in Southeast Texas, including 5,000 children. Their situations vary – some live at or below the poverty line, others earn too much to be considered impoverished and some are experiencing a temporary setback – but all are in need. Since 1982, the Houston Food Bank has worked to relieve hunger in the region. It’s the largest source of food for nearly 600 hunger relief agencies in 18 counties, including church food pantries, homeless shelters, safe havens for the battered and abused, and nutrition sites for children and the elderly.

For the past seven years, Bank of America has supported the Houston Food Bank through grant funding, including an unrestricted Neighborhood Builders grant of $200,000 in 2011 and a $50,000 grant in 2014 to provide 450,000 meals to the Houston community. Every dollar donated to the Food Bank provides three meals – and Bank of America matches individual donations through its Give a Meal program. Thanks to the generous contributions of Houston residents last year, the program raised $112,000, which provided 336,000 meals or the ability to feed 316 people for one full year.

Hundreds of bank employees also volunteer at the Houston Food Bank each year. Most recently, more than 100 employees packed boxes of food weighing 22,080 pounds – the equivalent of 18,400 meals. And 20 employees supported a food drive helping Houstonians identify a food pantry near them, answering 838 calls and helping to feed 2,962 people.

“Our partnership began in 2008 with a monetary donation and has evolved into a collaboration to tackle hunger in Houston,” said Hong Ogle, Bank of America Houston Market President. “Tackling hunger is a critical first step to creating long-term personal success, a stronger community and a capable workforce.” With support from companies like Bank of America, the Food Bank is entering its 33rd year and providing 59 million nutritious meals to more than 800,000 people annually.


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