Homecoming for Minneapolis financial center vice president

Jan 20, 2016

For Jonathan Cooper, the chance to help open a Bank of America financial center in Minnesota was a chance to come home. Cooper is a Minneapolis native, having attended elementary school there, but he has since lived in Atlanta, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

Bank of America was already well-established in Minnesota through Merrill Lynch and US Trust, but there were no financial centers in the area. Enter Cooper, who has spent his entire career with Bank of America, starting with an 18-month Assistant Manager Leadership Development Program that helped him climb the career ladder to financial center manager.

Presented with an opportunity to move back home to introduce Merrill Lynch customers and other Minnesota residents to the depth and breadth of Bank of America's services, he jumped right in. Cooper wants to be able to deliver multiple services to customers, to make the financial centers a one stop shop. "Being able to fully harness our full capabilities with the client is really exciting to me," Cooper said. "And getting my team to be able to flourish by helping customers improve their financial lives is my focus."

Over the next two years, Cooper wants to stabilize the market and develop the talent Bank of America has in the state's financial centers. He's also getting out into the community, joining Big Brothers Big Sisters and participating in Habitat for Humanity builds with his team.

While he's happy to be back in Minnesota, Cooper has a bit of a secret. "I don't really like the cold," he said. But, he's adapting to the weather with the same positive attitude he takes to work each day to inspire his team. "Once you're in it and there's no choice, you might as well play in the snow. You might as well make a snowman."

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