A longstanding partnership with Feeding America to fight hunger nationwide

Sep 01, 2015

Today, more than 46 million people — one in seven Americans — rely on meals from food banks, often facing difficult choices between paying bills and buying food. That’s why, for the 4th consecutive year, we’ve partnered with Feeding America and its nationwide network of food banks across the country to raise funds for those at risk of hunger. Starting September 1st, for every $1 donated to Feeding America or one of its member food banks through the Give A Meal program, Bank of America will donate $2, up to a maximum donation of $1.5 million. Every dollar raised will help provide 11 meals to individuals and families facing hunger.

Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger relief nonprofit in the U.S., with a network of more than 200 affiliate member food banks throughout the country. We’ve partnered with Feeding America since 2008, and we also support food banks through integrated services that enable individuals to gain financial stability, including benefits access and financial education.

Who Give A Meal helps

Food banks often serve hard-working individuals who are facing economic hardship - like Thomas and Chrisje from Augusta, Georgia. The couple had a plan in place for Thomas to finish school while Chrisje worked as a nurse to support them. However, Chrisje sustained a back injury that prevented her from working, and the couple learned they were going to have their first baby. They knew that Thomas completing school was important for their future, but without Chrisje’s salary to rely on, they could only afford to budget $30 per week for food. So Thomas and Chrisje turned to the local food pantry for support. Thomas is now in medical school working towards being an emergency room physician, and Chrisje is back in school as well. Both say that without the local food pantry, they would have been unable to overcome their challenging financial circumstances and make important investments in the future of their growing family.  

"Many families are faced with challenging financial decisions every day," said Kerry Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. "As a large financial institution, we can bring our collective networks together with Feeding America’s expertise and truly make an impact on the pressing issue of hunger."

How you can help

Thanks to Bank of America’s 2-to-1 match, every $1 donated through Dec. 31 will provide 33 meals to those in need. There are many ways to support the fight against hunger with Give A Meal. Donations are accepted online, and you can designate whether your contribution goes to Feeding America or a member food bank.

For more information on donating to Feeding America, visit our donation page.

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