Creating jobs and sustaining hope for Seattle's most disadvantaged

Nov 02, 2011

Creating Jobs and Sustaining Hope for Seattle’s Most Disadvantaged

In a state with 9.1 percent unemployment, possessing practical job skills and knowledge is crucial to successfully entering the workforce and sustaining a position. FareStart, a Seattle-based culinary job training and placement program, is addressing that need by providing training to enable homeless and disadvantaged individuals to step out of unemployment and into the food service industry. Since 1998, nearly 3,500 people across the Seattle region have transformed their lives through this program.

Recognizing FareStart’s role in priming a workforce of self-sufficient and employable Seattleites, Bank of America recently awarded a $15,000 grant to support FareStart’s Adult Culinary Job Training program. The contribution stems from the bank’s consistent financial support since 2006. Over the last decade, the bank has awarded numerous grants to FareStart and named the organization a Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Builder Award winner in 2009, providing it with $200,000 in unrestricted funding.

“It’s more than a meal. It reminds us to support nonprofits,” said Bob Peters, Washington State President at Bank of America. “Our whole community benefits from that and FareStart is an excellent example of what is possible.”

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