Skilled care with a local, personal touch in Boston

Jul 05, 2012

In a busy region like Eastern Massachusetts, many residents look to EasCare, a locally-owned and operated ambulance company, for high quality medical care transportation with a personal touch. Headquartered in Dorchester, EasCare employs more than 550 full-and part-time employees working on 150 vehicles at eight dispatch locations. EasCare opened for business in 1998 in an abandoned building with just three ambulances. Today, the company is the third largest ambulance service provider in Massachusetts.

A client for 14 years, Bank of America has partnered with EasCare to support its growth from a local upstart company to a regional leader in ambulance service. The connection evolved from a small commercial banking relationship into what it is today – a significant financing arrangement that helped propel the company’s growth and progress. With support from Bank of America, EasCare was able to acquire a company, open new dispatch centers, and upgrade mobile technology for more seamless client care. As a result, EasCare has created more than 500 new jobs in Massachusetts since 1998. In the Greater Boston area alone, the company employs nearly 300 with the majority of those jobs being skilled emergency medical technician (EMT) drivers.

Working closely with its client manager at Bank of America, EasCare continues to take the right steps toward sustained growth and job creation in the Boston area. From opening new dispatch centers outside the city and important technology upgrades to strategic acquisitions, EasCare and Bank of America make a powerful team.

“Unemployment has been very high in this area of the city, so the fact that EasCare is growing and hiring people in different urban neighborhoods is very, very important to the Boston economy,” said Mary Forti, client manager with Bank of America in Boston.

In addition to serving the medical needs of the community, EasCare also takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. The success of the company allows EasCare to offer scholarship programs, support local little league baseball teams, and provide vital CPR training in local schools and senior centers. When the company and its leadership see a need, they respond.

“Dorchester is not only special to EasCare, but it’s also special to me because it’s the neighborhood where I’ve lived for more than 30 years. It’s the type of community where local businesses get involved and make things happen,” said George Gilpin, president and CEO of EasCare.

“What's special about EasCare is that they have a wonderful reputation, their ambulances are reliable, they do a wonderful job, and they've been around for a long time. They can be trusted,” added Forti.

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