Creating reliable, travel solutions in the Pacific Northwest

Jul 16, 2012

There are many travel options from Seattle, Washington to Victoria, Canada. Vacationers and commuters can travel in several ways such as air, chartered boat, and floatplane. Yet in this struggling economy, travelers are looking for economical options without sacrificing a delightful, scenic experience.

Clipper Vacations offers Pacific Northwest residents and visitors the opportunity to travel on high-speed passenger ferries between the two destinations with low prices and breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and shorelines. Serving the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years, the iconic ferries from Clipper Vacations are a staple in the communities they serve. The company also has a significant impact on the region’s tourism industry as a major seller of vacation packages, hotel rooms and tours including whale watching.

Yet as the company continued to expand, it required more innovative financial options and solutions. So in 2006, Clipper Vacations turned to Bank of America to serve their unique needs as a highly seasonal commuter travel business.

“Relationships are important to us,” said Clipper Vacations CEO Darrell Bryan. “We found Bank of America and our client manager’s approach to be very personal and they understood the business. They understood the ebbs and flows of the seasonality of it.”

“We’ve been able to come up with the solutions that provide efficiencies for Clipper Vacations’ everyday banking needs,” said Paul Stevens, Bank of America senior client manager business banking group. “We’re committed to growing the relationship as the company grows and talking with them on a regular basis about what they need from the resources and power of the bank.”

In 2010, with millions of gallons of diesel fuel used annually, the bank was responsible for introducing the company to fuel hedging which can protect them against market fluctuations for the price of fuel. Then, in 2011 Clipper Vacations wanted to make improvements to the interior of the vessels to improve the customer experience – so the bank provided innovative financing options to make it happen. 

Bryan added, “What we liked about Bank of America services is it was one stop shopping. They have the resources and the expertise we need to grow our company. I see us moving forward together and I have not received any indication of anything we might not be able to do in the future.”

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