Committing Endurance and Heart to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Oct 04, 2013

After years of watching from the starting line podium as colleagues, clients and athletes from around the world ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Tim Maloney, Illinois President for Bank of America, knew the time had come to participate. “Two years ago, I would’ve told you I’d never be able to do it,” said Maloney. “But I'm going to do it, with a lot of fatigue, but also a great deal of satisfaction in accomplishing a goal I never dreamed I'd have.”

Sharing the Spotlight

Maloney wants to shine a light on his employee base, which makes up the fabric of the race. He’s honored to join the more than 300 colleagues who will be running that day. “We have hundreds of employees running, across every line of business, from top to bottom,” said Maloney. “They deserve all of the credit, thanks and support. They’re doing exactly what I’m doing, which is training, putting in many days a week, long runs on the weekends, with sore knees and feet. I have such a deep respect for what each of us has done to be able to run the race.”

Living United

Maloney is also proud to be among the runners racing for a cause. In 2012, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon raised $15.3 million for charitable organizations with 10,000 runners running for charity. Maloney will run on behalf of the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago; he’s a member of its board and was the 2012 chair of its Community Impact Committee.

Wendy DuBoe, CEO of the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, is grateful Maloney chose to run for her organization. “I think it reaffirms what we know: Tim really has United Way in his heart and in his mind,” she said. This is the second year the United Way has coordinated a running team for the event.

“United Way is part of the fabric of the community and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is part of the fabric of our city,” said DuBoe. “What we support at United Way dovetails with what Bank of America does in the community. At the end of the day, the race covers neighborhoods in Chicago and that’s something we both support.”

Committing to Chicago

The marathon embodies Bank of America’s longtime commitment to Chicago. “What I love about the race is that the world and the city come together on the streets of Chicago,” said Maloney. “There are one million plus people lining the streets in 29 different neighborhoods, with runners and visitors from all over the world. The energy, the optimism, the commitment – it’s an event unlike any other. The entire city comes together and shines on that Sunday.”

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The entire city comes together and shines on that Sunday.

Tim Maloney
Illinois President, Bank of America