Serving the masses at the Bank of America Chicago marathon

Blue Plate Catering is no stranger to iconic Chicago institutions. From art museums to music halls to public parks, their culinary stamp can be found across the city in more than 85 venues. “I like to think of us as Chicago’s caterer,” said Jim Horan, founder and CEO of Blue Plate Catering. “We’re from the city, we live in the city and we’re proud to be a part of the city.”

Since the early 1990s, Blue Plate Catering has turned to Bank of America for its banking needs. Ryan Miller, client manager for the bank, is proud to service the city’s caterer. “Blue Plate Catering knocks the socks off of all of their clients, which has really helped them to grow over the years,” he said. “It has been great to develop a strong partnership with them along the way.”

From a Napkin to Grant Park

Blue Plate Catering’s partnership with another Chicago institution, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, began with a contract scribbled on a paper napkin more than 20 years ago, said Horan. Since then, the company’s marathon footprint has expanded to include hospitality tents along the course, the finish line party in Grant Park and more. Miller notes that the food is as world-class as the event. “They do a great job of bringing beautiful, creative food to the runners and spectators,” he said.

Blue Plate Catering’s relationship with Chicago Event Management, the production company behind the marathon, has cemented the company’s standing in the city. “We’re so proud to say that we cater the Bank of America Chicago Marathon,” said Horan. “Our relationship with the marathon organizers has only strengthened over the years.”

Serving Up a Great Experience

Horan, a self-proclaimed sports fanatic, believes that Blue Plate Catering contributes to the positive marathon atmosphere. “It’s such a feel-good event,” he said. “Even though it’s such a personal day for so many people, there’s also a common bond. It’s great to be a part of that.”

He’s also glad to be connected to the bank that sponsors the race. “The fact that we also do business with Bank of America really brings the Chicago Marathon experience full-circle,” he said. “It makes the marathon a really ideal, symbiotic partnership. We’re really all on the same team. Everyone in business should have a relationship like this.”

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I like to think of us as Chicago’s caterer. We’re from the city, we live in the city and we’re proud to be a part of the city.

Jim Horan
Founder and CEO of Blue Plate Catering