Local Artist Brings Bank of America Chicago Marathon to Life

As a lifelong resident of Chicago, artist Hebru Brantley creates art that is relatable, empowering and inspirational. His work can be found throughout the streets of Chicago, on the walls of city buildings, on sneakers and displayed in galleries worldwide. Brantley’s vibrant characters are highly recognizable and possess the magnetism to engage the public in their narratives and adventures.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon partnered with Brantley to help bring the energy, celebration and positive impact of the race to life. From conception to completion, Brantley spent approximately two months creating the official 2016 marathon poster. Chicago born and raised, Brantley conveyed the on-the-ground spirit of the race and focused the artwork on the runners. The result is a visual keepsake that brings the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to life for those both on and off the course.

“Seeing the completed image was probably the most enjoyable part of the process,” said Brantley. “To complete the Chicago Marathon is such a huge accomplishment for those running. I just wanted to convey that feeling of joy and elation as much possible in this poster so that when anyone looks at it, they understand what these runners experience crossing the finish line.”

Brantley’s artwork has been embraced by local residents and recognized internationally for its ability to convey positivity and connectedness to a diverse audience in a meaningful way. It is these values, coupled with his local notoriety, which made Brantley such an outstanding partner to design this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon poster. In return, Brantley has been extremely enthusiastic about the collaboration and was honored to be considered for the project, as he identifies with the event as a native Chicagoan.


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