Expressing military thanks at the All-Star game

Jul 30, 2013

Even in baseball, players and fans can put aside their rivalries to come together in support of our troops. Leading up to the All-Star Game in New York City, Bank of America, the Official Bank of Major League Baseball, teamed up with MLB, Wounded Warrior Project, and Welcome Back Veterans to show their appreciation to our service members and to raise funds for nonprofits that help members of the military here at home. These photos show just a few of the scheduled events. You can still express your own message of troop thanks; for each photo or message, $1 will be donated to military nonprofits:

All-Star Game

At the All-Star Game, for everyone who remained standing after the singing of “God Bless America,” we donated $1 to military nonprofits.

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Yankees Military Appreciation Game

During the Yankees Military Appreciation Game, we invited fans to stand up and show their support; this is 40,000 messages of #troopthanks.

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Youth Game FanFest

During the Youth Game FanFest, children of service members were invited to play a once-in-a-lifetime game of T-ball at the Javits Convention Center.

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Digital Billboard in Times Square

Our digital billboard in Times Square, one of the world’s largest electronic displays, came alive with personalized messages of #troopthanks.

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70 bank volunteers

Over 70 bank volunteers joined the New York Mets and Rebuilding Together to remodel St. Albans Community Living Center, a home for vets in Queens.

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New York bank customers

At our banking centers, New York bank customers were able to “Sign for our Troops” on subway tiles.

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Bryant Park Movie Night

Spectators who came to see the film “E.T.” at Bryant Park Movie Night took a break to express their thanks.

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One Bryant Park

Bank employees who work at One Bryant Park signed 2,000 baseballs with messages of thanks that were then used to create an America flag mosaic.

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Semisi “T” Tokailagi

A video of a home donation to Semisi “T” Tokailagi, a wounded veteran and his wife, was shown before the All-Star Game — one of 1,000 homes pledged.

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