Our History & Heritage

We're a company with a 229-year history of leadership.

Our heritage is woven into our very name

For more than two centuries, the financial institutions that are a part of our legacy have been central to the development of economies, nations and communities.

Our Heritage

When our earliest predecessor, the Massachusetts Bank, opened for business on July 5, 1784, the United States Constitution had yet to be adopted. The inauguration of George Washington as the nation’s first president would not take place for another five years. learn More  about Our Heritage

Merger History

Our leaders had a vision for a bank that extended beyond our base in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the second half of the 20th century, they orchestrated a series of acquisitions and made it possible for our organization to grow outside of our home state. As a result, we've increased the breadth of our products and services and made our expertise accessible to customers across the globe…    learn  More  about Merger History

Time Line

Since 1784, we’ve been an integral part of watershed moments in our nation’s history. Take a look at what we’ve done over the last 229 years. learn  More  about Time Line

America’s Story

In partnership with the History Channel and America: The Story of Us, we produced 12 two-minute mini-documentary videos that reveal how our company’s past intertwines with defining moments in American history. We are honored to present this groundbreaking series and proud to be a part of our nation’s past, present and future. learn More  about America’s Story

Heritage Center Locations

Bank of America Heritage Centers showcase the role we've played in the development of industries, infrastructure and various public works projects. Located in several corporate and banking centers throughout the country, these interactive museums allow customers, shareholders, associates and the general public an opportunity to experience our story firsthand through artifacts, documents…    learn More  about Heritage Center Locations