Our Heritage

Explore stories that define our history and shape our commitment to a better future.

Our heritage

At Bank of America, our heritage is woven into our very name. When our earliest predecessor, the Massachusetts Bank, opened for business on July 5, 1784, the United States Constitution had yet to be adopted. The inauguration of George Washington as the nation’s first President would not take place for another five years.

John Hancock signed the bank’s charter in his role as Massachusetts governor, making it the second bank to receive a state charter and one of only three commercial banks in existence in the U.S. at the time.

Since then, the bank has grown steadily. A series of acquisitions has drawn together several thousand banks, connecting people and resources, and expanding capabilities to benefit customers, clients and communities around the world.

Through the centuries, generation after generation, the financial institutions that are part of our legacy have played a role in development of our nation’s culture and economy. With a commitment to ensuring that our success is linked to that of our customers and our communities, Bank of America continues a proud tradition of innovation, performance and service.

Stories in our history

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Loans on a handshake Connecting coast-to-coast and around the globe



The language of progress Credit where credit is due