America's Story

Experience monumental moments in history and see how the bank has played a role.

America's story mini-documentaries

In partnership with HISTORY channel and America: The Story of Us, Bank of America has produced 12 two-minute mini-documentary videos that reveal how our company’s past intertwines with defining moments in American history. We are honored to present this groundbreaking series and proud to be a part of our nation’s past, present and future.


Explore the mini-documentary videos in the sections below.

Urban revitalization

See how Bank of America helped revitalize our nation’s inner cities after the post–World War II flight to the suburbs. learn More  about Urban revitalization

Empowering women

Find out how Bank of America helped support women's rights by enabling them to do their own banking. learn More  about Empowering women

Great Depression

Learn how we helped fund the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and strengthen the local community. learn More  about Great Depression

America at war

Discover how Bank of America helped support our troops and wartime industry during World War II. learn More  about America at war


Learn how we helped Chicago recover from the Great Fire of 1871 and become a thriving urban community. learn More  about City


See how Bank of America invested in the emerging film industry in the 1920s and 1930s. learn More  about Boom

Civil War

View how Abraham Lincoln established the first national currency during the Civil War. learn More  about Civil War

Conquering the plains

Find out how our Oklahoma bank emerged from its humble beginnings to help Western settlers thrive. learn More  about Conquering the plains


See how we helped Gold Rush entrepreneurs prosper in unchartered territory. learn More  about Westward

Seeds of war

Discover how the idea of the Erie Canal became a reality with funding from our bank. learn More  about Seeds of war

Rise of the patriots

Learn how our Massachusetts bank helped our nation gain its financial independence. learn More  about Rise of the patriots


Witness how our Washington, D.C., bank helped rebuild the capital city, preserving our young nation’s heritage. learn More  about Revolution