Bank of America

Our story

Over 200 years of helping people around the world connect with what matters most to them.

Helping to improve financial lives through the power of every connection

At Bank of America, our purpose is to help connect our customers and clients to what matters most to them. Every day, we’re proud to partner with 47 million individuals, businesses, and communities, bringing them our skills and expertise to help make their financial lives better.

Who We Are

Who we are 

We’re committed to improving the financial lives of our customers and clients through the power of every connection.

Who We Serve

Who we serve 

Bank of America is all about providing people, companies and institutional investors the financial products and services they need to help achieve their goals at every stage of their financial lives.

How We Work

How we work 

How we work is as important as what we do. We’re working to find diverse, responsible suppliers and conduct our business responsibly to help serve you better.

Where we wre

Where we are 

Our global presence allows us to serve individuals, businesses and investors in every region of the world.