Writing a check is only part of the story

By Anne Finucane, Global Strategy & Marketing Officer at Bank of America |  Jan 23, 2014

At Bank of America, our business model is rather straightforward – we deliver the full capabilities of our company to customers and clients, with the goal of improving financial lives and moving the economy forward. Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no different; when working with partners from nonprofit organizations to NGOs, we leverage our resources to further their missions. This benefits the communities we serve, helps fuel local economies, and is good for business.

Our recently announced partnership with (RED) and U2 exemplifies this approach, and follows similar efforts in support of the U.S. military and increasing capacity for food banks across the country. We’ll leverage the collective power of our customers, clients and employees, and the many ways we engage them. In developing a grassroots effort, we’ll take advantage of our banking center and ATM networks, and our digital platforms with millions of active users. We’ll reach thousands of high net worth individuals and potential (RED) supporters through our financial advisors. And we’ll harness the power of our people, more than 240,000 strong. Through all of these connections, we’ll bring them closer to (RED), and (RED) closer to their goal.

A Super Bowl ad – our first – will bring the partnership to life and kick off an integrated campaign designed to build awareness and encourage people around the world to take action at this critical moment in the fight against AIDS. Before the ad airs, we’ll rely on a Facebook and Twitter-driven social media push to build excitement for the difference we can make together.

We don’t claim to be experts on AIDS, assisting veterans with the transition to civilian life, or any of the other issues we’re helping to address. What we do bring to the table is reach – in essence, we can provide a massive platform for our partners and the important work they do. With (RED), could we forgo the ad and everything associated with it, give $10 million to the Global Fund and call it a day? Yes, but the Super Bowl’s reach will kick-start a broader effort to end the spread of AIDS – and that is worth a great deal.

Anne M. Finucane is Global Strategy and Marketing officer at Bank of America, and is a member of the company’s executive management team.

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