Diversity & inclusion

Recruiting the right talent

As part of our commitment to maintaining supplier diversity, we spent $2.5 billion with diverse businesses in 2014.

Recruiting and retaining top talent nationwide

We’re committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining top diverse talent from across the globe. In 2009, we created the Diversity Executive Recruiting team, which identifies prospective executives and connects talent to leaders within our organization.

Seeking out diverse talent

Our campus recruiting team visits colleges and universities across the globe to secure talent for our internship and associate programs. We partner with 12 diverse colleges and universities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions and Women’s Colleges, and actively recruit at 200 schools globally with focused and targeted diversity efforts.

Our military and veteran recruiting team partners with a variety of organizations and attends job fairs to find talented military service members, military spouses and veterans to join our company.

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We partner with a variety of global and national organizations to find the best talent for our company and educate our existing workforce. Click here to view a full list of our partners.

See it in action

Bank of America announces $40 million commitment to support youth success

Bank of America today announced a $40 million commitment to connect 100,000 teens and young adults to the skills and employment experiences needed for 21st-century jobs. More about Bank of America's $40 million commitment to support youth

Employees show commitment to workplace equality

In November 2014, Bank of America sponsored and participated in the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit in San Francisco, which brings together business leaders, LGBT employers, LGBT employees and allies to discuss best practices and participate in training sessions. Employees from across the country attended this year’s Summit to formulate strategies for advancing equality in the workplace. More about how employees show commitment to workplace equality


Helping People Return to the Workplace

In May 2012, we partnered with the Executive Coaching Consultancy and Mumsnet Family Friendly program to launch the Returning Talent program in London. This program, which opened with 21 women who had been absent from the workplace for three or more years, is designed to provide guidance to women and men who are looking to return the workplace after taking time away to care for their family.

Recruiting Service Members and Veterans

Service members are known for their leadership, dedication, adaptability and mission focus. That’s why we’re committed to helping our country’s top talent and their spouses advance in the workforce. Since 2010, we have hired almost 9,000 veterans, Guard and Reservists, and we’re committed to hiring 10,000 more in the next several years. More about recruiting service members and veterans

Bank of America employees around the country celebrate Pride

Bank of America employees and friends came together in cities around the country to support one another during Pride celebrations and events. Locally, Employee Network chapters participated in Pride parades, festivals and other programs in support of the communities where many of us live and work. More about how Bank of America employees around the country celebrate pride

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Diverse Global Workforce

Diverse Global Workforce 

Every day, we’re focused on a great place for people to work. We actively promote an inclusive environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve personal success and contribute to our company.

Councils & Employee Networks

Councils & Employee Networks 

Our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment starts at the top with our CEO Brian Moynihan, who chairs our Global Diversity & Inclusion Council.

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