Neighborhood Builders®

Since 2004, we've trained more than 1,700 nonprofit directors and emerging leaders in the United States.

Helping Develop Nonprofit Leaders

Local nonprofit organizations are critical in creating economically and socially vibrant communities. They deliver exceptional services and opportunities to thousands of neighborhoods across the country. Whether it's an organization connecting the underserved with affordable housing, a community center providing job training programs, or a food bank serving the area's homeless, nonprofit organizations extend a helping hand to those who need it most.

Bank of America's Neighborhood Builders® program helps address local challenges in community development, workforce development and education, and other basic human services. The program, an invitation only process for nonprofits addressing these three areas, provides high-performing nonprofits with $200,000 in unrestricted grant funding and leadership development for their executive directors and emerging leaders. We developed the program in response to the need for strong leaders to face the challenges of local communities.

We're honored that the program has become the nation's largest philanthropic investment in nonprofit leadership development. We have recognized nearly 800 organizations and provided training to more than 1,700 nonprofit leaders.

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Student Leaders

Student Leaders® 

Providing community-minded high school students with nonprofit work experience and a chance to participate in our Student Leadership Summit.



Our employees generously give their time and expertise to help revitalize local communities.

Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors 

We’re partnering with Vital Voices to help extraordinary women unleash their leadership potential.