Learn how corporate social responsibility relates to commercial growth

When sustainability and accountability are built into corporate strategies, they can take advantage of commercial opportunities for growth. This is the argument of the United Nations High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The panel also asserts that the private sector and different partnership arrangements are critical components of the global development agenda because they bring different perspectives and successful models to the table.

Corporate social responsibility is one mechanism for private sector engagement with the development agenda. Private finance mobilization, public-private partnerships and innovation investments have also been effective. The world of partnerships for development is evolving.

On April 25, the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion with Anne Finucane, global strategy and marketing officer at Bank of America, on the role global companies will increasingly play in development and in addressing societal challenges at large. Following the discussion, there was a panel discussion on the role of the private sector and different partnership strategies for development. 


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Corporate Social Responsibility at Bank of America: Then and now

The role of corporate social responsibility at Bank of America is changing with the needs of an evolving global landscape. See what Anne Finucane has to say about today's global needs, and how they're helping to shape the future of CSR. More

Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility and the New Development Agenda

Together, sustainability and accountability can make a major impact on the global economy. Watch Anne Finucane’s webcast from the Brookings Institute to see how. More

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