Global impact

Arts & culture

Over 2,000 arts and cultural institutions supported by our grants and volunteers.

Encouraging those who enrich us all

The arts are a powerful tool to help economies thrive, individuals connect with each other and across cultures, and educate and enrich societies. As a global company, we have supported the arts sector in the United States and have promoted cultural diplomacy by helping to fund the international tours of such renowned organizations as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Alvin Alley Dance Theatre. We do this through grants and sponsorships to arts organizations, and our own innovative programs, Art conservation project, Art in our communities® and Museums on us®.

Art conservation project

Works of art can provide a lasting reflection of peoples and cultures. But, over time, they are subject to deterioration. This unique program provides grants to nonprofit institutions to conserve works that are significant to the cultural heritage of a country or region, or important to the history of art. learn  More  about Art conservation project

Art in our communities®

We have converted our corporate art collection into a unique community resource from which museums and nonprofit galleries may borrow complete or customized exhibitions at no cost. By providing these exhibitions, we promote community engagement and help generate vital revenue for participating institutions. learn  More  about Art in our communities®

Museums on us®

On the first full weekend of every month, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders have the opportunity to visit—at no charge—more than 150 of America’s arts and cultural institutions taking part in the program. learn  More  about Museums on us®


We partner with arts and cultural organizations globally to provide vital support, helping them reach local audiences, promoting new works of art, and offering unique experiences. learn  More  about Partnerships