The “Five Fine Fillies”: The backstory of the band that never was

May 23, 2013

As we set out to create one of our latest commercials, which are all centered on the idea that “Life’s better when we’re connected®,” we didn’t know that we’d help make some great connections along the way. 

We went in search of five women who could play members of a fictional girl group called the “Five Fine Fillies.” It's a story about a band that had earlier achieved acclaim and is now getting together again for a grand reunion tour. As with all the spots in the series, we wanted viewers to feel that these singers and actors had a natural affinity — and could really have played together as a band.

Casting the commercial was easy; all of the women had legitimate careers in acting or music. Paula James Chavis, the lead singer, has had a long performing and recording career in Nashville. Naomi Johnson, an actor and model who played Little Lilly, has been singing professionally for over 50 years. Lady Leah Finnie, the bassist, is a jazz and R&B vocalist and founder of the band The Jazzmasters. Bernice Brooks has been a well-known drummer for over 40 years, working nationally and internationally, and is the producer of her own cable TV show, “The Bernice Brooks Show.” And actress and producer Sheila Frazier, who plays the guitar as Red Meg, costarred in the 1972 film “Super Fly.”

Shooting the commercial was a great experience. Within the first few minutes of rehearsal, the women completely connected — singing, dancing and making music together.

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