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Student Leaders share their hopes for building a more diverse and inclusive society

Our 2020 Bank of America Student Leaders have been finding their voice and developing leadership skills to help them tackle some of the challenges we face, from a health and humanitarian crisis to the need for greater racial equality.

Mechanical Engineering Design Groupe

Racial equality & economic opportunity

At Bank of America, we’re committed to addressing the root causes of inequality through a company-wide commitment to advancing economic opportunity across diverse communities.

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Bank of America surpasses five-year goal to hire 10,000 veterans

Celebrating 100 years of supporting the military

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Bank of America partners with Ad Council on Love Has No Labels campaign

Love has no race, religion, or gender. Proud supporter of Love Has No Labels.

Across the globe, to be a great place to work, we focus on providing an inclusive and rewarding experience for all employees.

2022 Gender Equality Index Report, France

Following the enactment of gender equality legislation in France, Bank of America is required to calculate and publish and Gender Equality Index.

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The next generation of African American professionals

How historically Black colleges and universities are changing the way Black students enter the workforce.

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Increasing Gender Equality in STEM fields

Where we are, where we’re headed, and what we need to do.