Advocating for equality

We’ve committed to invest $1 billion over four years to advance racial equality and economic opportunity, addressing critical issues and long-term gaps like skills and job readiness, medical capacity and access, small business support, and affordable housing.
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jobs initiative
Career Opportunities for Students of Color

Supporting job creation & employment in communities of color is a key part of Bank of America’s commitment to racial equality & economic opportunity.

Amplifying the National Conversation on Race

A new program from the Smithsonian Institution seeks to drive discussion and understanding around equality and opportunity in America.

Conducting a Way of Life
Conducting a Way of Life

The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra uses music to teach life skills to Indianapolis students, even while they are unable to gather together in person.

Palm beach
Education Nonprofits Working to End Inequality in Education

As the coronavirus exposes inequities in the classroom, these education nonprofits are working to close the gaps.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Forms Relief Fund to Keep Pueblos Safe & Preserve Heritage
Protecting the Health and Heritage of New Mexico’s Pueblos

The Pueblo Relief Fund is working to keep New Mexico’s Native population safe while it helps preserve the rich heritage of the Pueblos.

el rio health center
Meet the Blue Angels of Tucson

Founded fifty years ago, Tucson’s El Rio Health Center keeps finding new ways to keep patients safe and healthy.

Overcoming PPE shortages for those most in need

Working with local partners to provide PPE to vulnerable and underserved communities hardest hit by the coronavirus.