Veterans have the power to advance their careers at Bank of America

Just like service members instinctively look out for each other, we look out for each other here at Bank of America. And one of the best ways to do so is to thank them for their service and make sure we connect employees who are veterans or military spouses with colleagues who share similar backgrounds and experiences.

Meet Brian Jones – a veteran who is paying it forward.

Veterans like Brian Jones have taken advantage of the training programs and mentorship opportunities Bank of America offers. At Bank of America, Brian is able to focus on advancing his career, all while paying it forward through mentorship to other service members, veterans and military spouses — helping them navigate the uncharted territory of civilian life and their new roles.

For Brian Jones, a U.S. Army veteran who joined the bank in 2015, making the decision to leave the military after eight years was scary. “The Army was the only life I knew and it was hard to take that first step but I am so glad I did because of where I am today,” Brian said. “Having said that, my first few months were stressful. I had to learn a new culture and new language while at the same time a brand new career.”

Shortly after joining the Bank, Brian was paired with Bill Golden, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army. “Bill was instrumental in helping me understand that the skills veterans bring to the table — like leadership and working on a team — were assets that the bank valued.”

Today, Brian is a mentor to Tom Cai, a veteran who served in the U.S. Army for 10 years before coming to Bank of America. For Tom, having a network of veterans like Brian is critical. “It is an absolutely terrifying experience for many veterans who are transitioning from military life,” Tom said. “Brian is someone I can always go to, no matter what the issue or question is. If it wasn’t for Brian and the role that he has played through his mentorship, my family and I wouldn’t be able to have the life we currently have. I am forever grateful and, as a mentor, I try to emulate all that he has taught me.”

“Being able to help Tom transition from the military to where he is today has been so rewarding,” Brian said. “I can pass on what Bill has given me, and that’s what our veteran mentorship program is all about. I want veterans to know that being at Bank of America is more than a job — it’s a career.”

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