The Tory Burch and Bank of America Capital Program frequently asked questions

The Tory Burch and Bank of America Capital Program, a Bank of America and Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program initiative, supports women-owned and -operated businesses to foster economic independence and promote local economies through job creation and community revitalization.

I am a woman entrepreneur. How do I apply for a loan from the Tory Burch and Bank of America Capital Program?

For more information, or to see if the program is active in your area, please visit or contact a community development financial institution near you:


  • Dreamspring in Arizona, 1.602.252.3884, P.O. Box 41237, Tucson, AZ, 85717, website:



  • Dreamspring in Colorado, 1.303.904.9362, 1441 18th St #150, Denver, CO 80202, website:


  • Accion East, 1.866.245.0783, 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 903, New York, NY 10038, website:


  • Accion Chicago, 1.312.275.3000, 1436 W. Randolph Street, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60607, website:

Las Vegas

  • Nevada Business Opportunity Fund, 1.702.734.3555, 112 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015.


  • justine PETERSEN, 1.314.533.2411, 1023 North Grand Blvd, Saint Louis, Missouri 63106, website:

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • Dreamspring in New Mexico, 1.505.243.8844, 2000 Zearing Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87104-2045, website:

New York

  • Accion East, 1.866.245.0783, 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 903, New York, NY 10038, website:

North Carolina



– Austin: 1.512.472.8087, 2921 E. 17th St, Building D, Suite 1, Austin, TX 78702
– Dallas: 1.214.942.6698, 2801 Swiss Ave, Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75204
– Houston: 1.888.222.0017 ext 140, 12337 Jones Rd, Suite 407, Houston TX 77070

Who is eligible for a loan?

The program is designed primarily for women entrepreneurs with an established (in operation for two or more years), sustainable business generating the majority of the entrepreneur's income, a satisfactory credit rating and a passion for growth. Eligibility will be determined by the local community development financial institutions and will vary by market.

Do I have to be a Bank of America customer to apply for a loan?

No, the community development financial institutions will not consider whether an applicant is a Bank of America customer when evaluating a loan request.