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Addressing employment inequality

Tidewater Community College is helping people in underserved communities prepare for well-paid careers

The South Hampton Roads region of Virginia has an unemployment rate that exceeds the national average — 4.9% versus 3.6% as of March 2022 — with Black/African American and Hispanic-Latino residents experiencing higher rates of unemployment.1 These residents are also less likely to have resources for post-secondary education, and the coronavirus has made the situation worse.

Tidewater Community College (TCC), a community partner since 1968, is committed to addressing these inequalities by providing job and skills-based training, tapping the resources of its Center for Workforce Solutions to help people from all backgrounds prepare for high-quality jobs. TCC recently launched a new program, Racial Equity Through Accessible Credentials and Training (REACT), which aims to remove educational and employment barriers to living-wage employment. The initiative includes targeted recruitment, comprehensive assessments, intensive counseling, training and work-based learning, and job-placement assistance.

Bank of America supports the program, a commitment that helps TCC continue its mission of helping Black and Hispanic-Latino students find careers in high-demand, well-paid sectors such as healthcare, IT, logistics and transportation. In particular, the funding helps TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions give 60 individuals facing racial and/or economic inequality the opportunity to take part in workforce training, providing a pathway to a living-wage job and a more equitable future.

The support for TCC is an example of Bank of America’s commitment to help advance racial equality and economic opportunity in local neighborhoods around the country. From entrepreneur funding and expanding home ownership to professional skills training and healthcare access, Bank of America continues to partner with innovative leaders to help communities implement solutions to society’s biggest challenges.


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