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Training for the jobs of the future

SUNY Nassau Community College’s training and accreditation program prepares students for careers in the most promising new fields

On Long Island, N.Y., a job market that was devastated by the coronavirus is on the mend. But in these eastern suburbs of New York City, there’s still catching up to do. Private sector employment remains about 3% below pre-pandemic levels.footnote1 But it’s more than just coming up with any job. The challenge is to train workers for careers that are not only in demand now but will be long into the future.

SUNY Nassau Community College, located in Garden City, N.Y., has one solution. The college, founded in 1960, offers credit and degree programs that provide under- and unemployed workers pathways to secure jobs in fields that are projected to see significant growth. Through the school’s Workforce Development Training Equity & Inclusion Opportunities Program, students can prepare to be pharmacy technicians, EKG techs, dental assistants, phlebotomy techs and nursing assistants — all in-demand jobs in growing fields.

Funding from Bank of America is helping to expand the program to additional Black African/American, Hispanic-Latino and other students who have been adversely affected by the pandemic-led economic downturn. The support for SUNY Nassau Community College is an example of Bank of America’s commitment to help advance equality and economic opportunity in local neighborhoods around the country. From entrepreneur funding and expanding home ownership to professional skills training and healthcare access, Bank of America continues to partner with innovative leaders to help communities implement solutions to society’s biggest challenges.


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