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Bright Ventures Fund I invests up to $1M each in Pre Seed and Seed-stage venture in fin-tech, digital health and the future of work. Our expertise is Inclusive Innovation: identifying and scaling ventures that have inclusion as a market-winning competitive advantage.

Bright Ventures' fund is supported by a broader platform launched in 2014. The Bright Ventures Platform is an Inclusive Innovation Strategy Group, which delivers executive coaching, strategic advisory services, and training programs for founders, investors and operators globally. It is the premiere partner for leveraging inclusion as a competitive advantage in the innovation economy.

Bright Ventures Fund I applies a thematic focus on inclusion using our proprietary Inclusive Innovation framework to invest in the teams and companies in fintech, digital health, and the future of work. Ventures in this category have innovative leaders, teams, and products that drive alpha in markets with massive TAM, serve overlooked consumers and win institutional partners. We use our proven expertise in sourcing, scaling and evaluating inclusive ventures to see early signals that others miss.

Stage of capital: Pre-Seed, Seed

Location: New York, NY

Fund manager diversity: Woman-led, Black and African American led

Industry focus: General Tech- and Tech-Enabled, B2B, Fintech and Payments, Healthcare and Wellness (incl. FemTech), Future of Work and Living (incl. Education/EdTech)

Min and max capital: $500,000 - $10,000,000

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Lenore Champagne
General Partner