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Big changes in healthcare – will they change your financial life?

Experts answer key questions to help you prepare for rising costs and other game-changing innovations transforming the nation’s healthcare system.

  • Hear how the pandemic, innovation and policy are reshaping healthcare
  • Learn about ways to factor healthcare costs into your retirement and legacy planning, and why it’s essential to your long-term financial security
  • Take away actionable ideas you could consider at any age in preparing for caregiving, long-term care and other future healthcare needs

This webcast, hosted by Lorna Sabbia, Head of Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions at Bank of America, featured Dr. Laura Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and a leading expert on aging. Dr. Carstensen highlights emerging healthcare trends. She also shares her thoughts on the critical lessons we’re learning from the pandemic and how we could emerge from it stronger than before.

Then Joe Curtin and Amanda Lasher-Ross join Lorna to address key questions from Merrill clients, including:

  • How can I plan for rising healthcare costs?
  • What do I need to know about Medicare and long-term care insurance?
  • Are there opportunities to invest in healthcare innovation?

Host and Special Guest

Lorna Sabbia

Host Lorna Sabbia

Head of Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America


Special Guest Laura Carstensen, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology Stanford University Director, Stanford Center on Longevity

Expert panelists:

Joe Curtin

Joe Curtin

Head of CIO Portfolio Management, Chief Investment Office, Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank

Amanda Lasher

Amanda Lasher-Ross

Managing Director, Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America

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Important Disclosures

Dr. Laura Carstensen is not affiliated with Bank of America Corporation.

Opinions are those of the speakers, as of the date of this event and are subject to change.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Long-term care insurance coverage contains benefits, exclusions, limitations, eligibility requirements and specific terms and conditions. Not all insurance policies and types of coverage may be available in your state. Traditional long-term care insurance is available only from a small number of insurance companies and is not currently offered through Merrill.

This material should be regarded as educational information on healthcare cost considerations and is not intended to provide specific healthcare advice. If you have questions regarding your particular situation, please contact your legal or tax advisor.

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