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Charting a path for success for students in Phoenix

Bank of America’s partnership with Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation helps remove barriers to employment and boost opportunities for students in Phoenix

In an age of technological advancement and progress, jobs in information technology, cybersecurity, business, healthcare and advanced manufacturing have never been more critical. The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) recognizes the importance of ensuring that all students from all backgrounds have access to these career paths — which is why they created the Guided Pathways program, implemented to increase students’ success in degree and certification completion by providing a structured educational model for the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD).

The Guided Pathways approach integrates wrap-around support services to remove barriers to higher education. The program focuses on financial aid, tutoring, academic and career counseling, food pantries, emergency funds and obstacles students face when obtaining higher education.

Support from Bank of America will help advance the success of the program in the area of education to industry, focusing on closing the wage gap among minorities with improved outcomes for students of color, low-income and first-generation students. Qualifying students from across MCCCD will receive financial empowerment training and internship opportunities.

“This partnership will bring to scale critical services and programs designed to increase student success and pathways to employment that not only helps students directly, but in the longer-term, strengthens our local economy,” said Benito Almanza, President, Bank of America Arizona. “Our investment in Guided Pathways is a direct demonstration of how Bank of America works with our partners to create better social and economic outcomes in the communities we serve.”

“Bank of America’s support is a game changer in workforce development,” said Brian Spicker, President and CEO, MCCF. “It not only provides us with the opportunity to support the District and our students, it allows us to build an ecosystem, narrowing the wage gap by building a pipeline of scholarships and programs for higher education to underrepresented communities."

Bank of America’s partnership with Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation helps connect students to jobs and strengthens the local economy in Phoenix.


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