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Bank of America College-EmployerLearning Hub

Advancing racial equality and economic opportunity: building careers

As part of our commitment to drive more opportunities for people and communities of color, we developed the College-Employer Learning Hub to provide academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and employers with opportunities to share innovations, accelerate effective practices and provide valuable resources that help connect diverse talent to meaningful jobs that improve their financial lives.

These webinars are designed to enhance the dialogue among workforce development leaders interested in learning from and collaborating with peers who have a common goal of building talent pipelines and advancing economic mobility through a skilled workforce.

FEATURED SESSION | THE ACADEMY AT BANK OF AMERICA Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker and founder of Motivating the Masses

The Academy at Bank of America provides access to free educational resources to help communities develop skills for career growth. During this replay you’ll hear from best-selling author Lisa Nichols on “Harnessing your power” and be introduced to techniques that will help you prepare for or transition into a career.

Student experience

Gain insight into the academic and social challenges of college life and explore ideas for a more supportive and inclusive environment that enhances the overall student experience.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | MAR 12, 2021 Equity issues in workforce development programs

Frames issues of equity faced in workforce development and career-focused academic programs and shares perspectives/suggested strategies for institutions to consider as they engage around efforts to improve outcomes for students.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | MAR 26, 2021 Addressing stereotype threats in career-focused academic programs

Addresses how stereotyping students affects their perceived capabilities and it examines the effects on academic and professional performance. It also identifies practical applications of interventions to mitigate the impact of stereotype threat.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | APR 23, 2021 Student belonging and psychological safety: creating conditions of success for students of color

Focuses on the responsibility of helping Black and Hispanic-Latino students transition their innate strengths to career programs by creating conditions of belonging and psychological safety while teaching 21st century professional competencies.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | MAY 7, 2021 Employer driven approaches to equity: workplace competency and culture

Emphasizes job and role competency mapping and assessment, underscoring how corporations can provide data-driven guidance and development opportunities with an equity lens for students who are prospective workers.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | JUNE 11, 2021 Exploring micro-aggressions in career-focused academic programs

Explores the cumulative effect of micro-aggressions on the student experience and review effective tools for reducing acts of subtle discrimination against others.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | OCT 1, 2021 Transforming our institutions into the social engineers of the opportunity ecosystem

Frames the opportunity ecosystem and discusses how colleges can transform themselves into social engineers addressing opportunity gaps for individuals of color as they look to develop their careers, including what is required of the institutions and community leaders to meet the challenge.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | FEB 25, 2022 Activating real change in the student experience: moving from design to implementation

Offers a framework and resources that will support design teams tasked with creating institutional transformation. Leveraging NCII’s experience, colleges will learn to identify and navigate challenges that may be barriers to achieving overall buy-in and positive outcomes for their students of color.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | MAR 25, 2022 Diversity, equity and inclusion – sharing perspectives

It is imperative for colleges and universities to understand the diverse hiring strategies of their employer partners. The intent of this session is to have a conversation on DEI hiring. Hear from college leaders and Bank of America Executives on diverse hiring strategies with small and large companies.

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STUDENT EXPERIENCE | FEB 24, 2023 The student experience; the student voice

The student voice is critical to successful implementation of educational reform and school improvement. It helps educators, employers, and community leaders effectively prioritize what is most important to prepare our students for long-term success. It also goes a long way to increasing a student’s sense of belonging and empowerment. In this session we hear from students directly as they share their experiences, challenges, and other insights on their journey to academic and career success.

Skills development

Explore opportunities to enhance a student’s professional skills and knowledge so that they succeed in their chosen career.

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT | APR 22, 2022 Skill development and competency mapping

This session will explore the professional skills aligned to employer needs. Topics include: (1) professional skills that leverage an individuals’ cultures and background; (2) professional skills such as collaborative leadership, working in teams, and managing conflict; and (3) working on the "technical" side of competency mapping with our employer partners to ensure skills developed in training programs are aligned to skills required on the job.

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT | SEP 16, 2022 Elevating professional skills to promote career readiness

A review of professional skills training modules developed by The Academy at Bank of America and available at no cost to all college/university partners and students. This session includes a discussion with academic institutions on the skills and professional development needs of their students and how employers can help provide resources to support student career success.

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT | MAY 19, 2023 The future of green jobs for students of color

Green jobs are for people from all backgrounds and can be created everywhere.  In this session, learn about the training, recruitment, and job quality measures that can be put in place to ensure green jobs are available to individuals traditionally underexposed to high-demand careers in the environmental industry.

Employer partnerships

Understand the benefits of collaboration between educational institutions and employers and learn best practices for building effective partnerships.

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EMPLOYER PARTNERSHIPS | APR 9, 2021 Meeting employer needs: feedback loops and program quality

Describes how institutions and their leaders can create conditions for honest and actionable feedback to deliver quality programs.

Team collaboration

EMPLOYER PARTNERSHIPS | DEC 3, 2021 College employer partner best practices

Underscores the importance of employer partner engagement and sustainability. Offers perspectives on the college/employer relationship. Shares opportunities for college/employer collaborations in support of student success beyond pledges to hire and reaffirms the importance of employer-partner engagement and its ability to create shared success for all.

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EMPLOYER PARTNERSHIPS | DEC 9, 2022 Partnering with employers

Employer engagement plays a critical role in the early identification and training of the skills students need to be successful. This session brings companies, colleges, and universities together to discuss how active partnerships can deliver diverse talent that meets employers’ needs. It also focuses on how higher education institutions can effectively partner with employers to ensure student career success.

Capacity building

Identify opportunities to develop and strengthen the skills, processes, and resources an institution needs to effectively deliver on their higher education mission and goals.

CAPACITY BUILDING | FEB 26, 2021 Advancing a vision for equitable talent development

Outlines how institutional decision-makers can improve employment and earnings outcomes for graduates by advancing a vision for talent development and economic mobility and creating college systems necessary to enact that vision.

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CAPACITY BUILDING | MAY 21, 2021 From exploration to implementation: a design team framework

Introduces the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement (NCII) approach to supporting college design work.

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CAPACITY BUILDING | MAY 13, 2022 Key performance indicators to create a return-on-investment for your college partners

This session covers key issues on program sustainability support features, as well as NCII’s return-on-investment (ROI) model. The model explores the incremental costs of innovation and the potential revenue to be gained by successfully moving the needle on key performance indicators (KPIs).

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CAPACITY BUILDING | OCT 21, 2022 Strategic finance: aligning resources to mission

This session introduces a framework developed by the Aspen Institute that will help academic institutions ensure their strategic resources are aligned to mission. It also shares opportunities for partnerships with CDFI organizations to help enable operational and infrastructure development.

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CAPACITY BUILDING | APR 28, 2023 Effective practices in faculty recruitment and retention

The departure of a single faculty member can cause significant ripples in both large and small institutions.  Watch this session and listen to a conversation on some of the most pressing hiring challenges that colleges and universities are facing today and explore strategies for attracting diverse talent to roles in higher education.

Financial stability and other wrap services

Identify supports that can help students manage financial stress and achieve financial stability and security.

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FINANCIAL STABILITY | APR 16, 2021 Embedding student financial stability supports throughout the student experience

Offers strategies to embed student financial supports throughout the student experience, inside and outside the classroom in order for students to progress and complete their educational goals.

Student / young professional balancing work and life

FINANCIAL STABILITY | NOV 5, 2021 Student financial stability: supporting short-term needs and long-term decisions to achieve equity

Explores the various roles that employers and community partners can play in supporting students' financial stability to help meet their basic needs and enable a viable path to higher education. Shares Hear examples of how informed decisions improves economic and social mobility for students, colleges and universities, and employer partners.

Economic outlook

Gain a deeper understanding of the current and future economic landscape, including market trends, emerging technology, and industry growth.

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ECONOMIC OUTLOOK | FEB 3, 2022 ESG, the economy and the future of jobs in a changing world

Lays the groundwork for a better understanding of ESG and its role in corporate America. Provides an outlook on the economy; the effect of inflation on job creation and the transformation of the world and what it means for the future of jobs in the United States and abroad.

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ECONOMIC OUTLOOK | MAR 16, 2023 Transforming world: the megatrends shaping business and society

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and the impact of demographic, geopolitical and environmental transformation, means we are heading into some of the fastest social and economic changes in human history. Immortality, technological singularity, and a quantum revolution are just some of the radical shifts we could reach at the end of this decade. In this session, be intrigued as Bank of America’s Thematic Investing Research team explores the future of technology and the megatrends that will transform our world.

The Academy at Bank of America

Gain insight into the academic and social challenges of college life and explore ideas for a more supportive and inclusive environment that enhances the overall student experience.

THE ACADEMY AT BANK OF AMERICA | APR 11, 2023 Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker and founder of Motivating the Masses

The Academy at Bank of America provides access to free educational resources to help communities develop skills for career growth. During this replay you’ll hear from best-selling author Lisa Nichols on “Harnessing your power” and be introduced to techniques that will help you prepare for or transition into a career.

About the Jobs Initiative program

Through partnerships with 21 higher education institutions, including community colleges that serve predominately Black and Hispanic-Latino students and public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), we support enhanced career guidance and training, wrap services (financial coaching), and learning via a college-employer network to ensure that students of color are prepared for entry into high-wage, in-demand careers.

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