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Advancing racial equality and economicopportunity: focus on building careers

As part of our commitment to driving more opportunities for people and communities of color, we've developed a signature jobs initiative focused on the reskilling and upskilling of Black and Hispanic-Latino individuals. Employer partnership are a critical component of this work.

The power to make a difference in ourcommunities

Through partnerships with 21 higher education institutions, including community colleges that serve predominately Black and Hispanic-Latino students and public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), we support enhanced career guidance and training, wrap services (financial coaching), and learning via a college-employer network to ensure that students of color are prepared for entry into high-wage, in-demand careers.

College-Employer Learning Hub

As part of the Job's Initiative we are working with Aspen Institute and National Center for Inquiry and Improvement (NCII) as our lead partner agencies to create a learning hub to work with the 21 colleges. The goal of the Learning Hub is to enhance program planning and strategic development of existing or new guided student career pathways among the college/university partners.

The design of the learning hub will help enhance the dialogue among local bank leadership, employer partners, and educators at our respective colleges on topics tied to up-skilling and re-skilling as well as broader skills needed for mid-level jobs for students working on either their associates or baccalaureate degrees. This college-employer learning hub will serve as a peer-network to share innovations, accelerate best practices, and provide resources that deepen employer-led curriculum.

Session #1, February 26, 2021

Advancing a vision for equitable talent development centered on high-quality programs aligned to regional workforce needs.

Outlines how institutional decision-makers can improve employment and earnings outcomes for graduates by advancing a vision for talent development and economic mobility and creating college systems necessary to enact that vision.

Presenters: Josh Wyner, Founder and Executive Director of the College Excellence Program, Aspen Institute
Daniel Trujillo, Senior Program Manager Aspen College Excellence Program
Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, Founder and President, NCII
Bank of America: Kerry Sullivan, President, Bank of America Charitable Foundation

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SESSION #2, MARCH 12, 2021 Equity issues in workforce development programs

Frames issues of equity faced in workforce development and career-focused academic programs and shares perspectives/suggested strategies for institutions to consider as they engage around efforts to improve outcomes for students.

Presenters: Dr. Jim Jacobs, Bettina Celis, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

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SESSION #3, MARCH 26, 2021 Addressing stereotype threat in career- focused academic programs

Addresses how stereotyping students affects their perceived capabilities and it examines the effects on academic and professional performance. It also identifies practical applications of interventions to mitigate the impact of stereotype threat.

Presenters: Dr. Sharon Blackman, Dr. Andrew Jones, Dr. Brian Johnson, NCII

Respondent panel: Priyadarshini Chaplot and Dr. Jackie Greenle, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

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SESSION #4, APRIL 9, 2021 Meeting employer needs: feedback loops and program quality

Describes how institutions and their leaders can create conditions for honest and actionable feedback to deliver quality programs.

Josh Wyner, Aspen Institute

Tess Henthorne, Program Manager at the College Excellence Program, Aspen Institute

Respondent panel: Dr. Sharon Blackman, Dr. Jim Jacobs, Bettina Celis, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

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SESSION #5, APRIL 16, 2021 Embedding student financial stability supports throughout the student experience

Offers strategies to embed student financial supports throughout the student experience, inside and outside the classroom in order for students to progress and complete their educational goals.

Presenters: Priyadarshini Chaplot, Dr. Jackie Greenlee, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

Respondent panel: Dr. Nicole Hurd, President & CEO, National College Advising Corps, Ed Bowling, Dr. Brian Johnson and Diego Navarro, NCII

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SESSION #6, APRIL 23, 2021 Student belonging and psychological safety: creating conditions of success for students of color

Focuses on the responsibility of helping Black and Hispanic-Latino students transition their innate strengths to career programs by creating conditions of belonging and psychological safety while teaching 21st century professional competencies.

Presenters: Diego Navarro, NCII and Jenny Ward, SVP Community Relations, Bank of America

Respondent panel: Priyadarshini Chaplot, Dr. Jackie Greenlee, Dr. Andrew Jones, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

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SESSION #7, MAY 7, 2021 Employer driven approaches to equity: workplace competency and culture

Emphasizes job and role competency mapping and assessment, underscoring how corporations can provide data-driven guidance and development opportunities with an equity lens for students who are prospective workers.

Presenters: Dr. Sharon Blackman, Dr. Andrew Jones, Dr. Brian Johnson, NCII

Respondent panel: Dr. Jim Jacobs, NCII, Ebony Thomas, SVP, Racial Equality and Economic Opportunity Initiative Program Executive, Bank of America, Vania Laguerre, Miami Market Executive, Bank of America

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII

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SESSION #8, MAY 21, 2021 From exploration to implementation: A design team framework

Introduces the NCII approach to supporting college design work.

Presenters: Dr. Rob Johnstone, Priyadarshini Chaplot, NCII

Respondent panel: Ed Bowling, Bettina Celis, NCII, Nathan Wistran, Bank of America Learning Solutions Development, Delivery & Management

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SESSION #9, JUNE 11, 2021 Exploring micro-aggressions in career-focused academic programs

Explores the cumulative effect of micro-aggressions on the student experience and review effective tools for reducing acts of subtle discrimination against others.

Presenters: Dr. Jackie Greenle, Diego Navarro, NCII

Respondent panel: Dr. Sharon Blackman, Dr. Brian Johnson, NCII

Moderator: Dr. Rob Johnstone, NCII