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Let’s unlock your full financial potential

You already know the value of having a Merrill advisor by your side helping you pursue your goals. Now take even more control of your financial life with comprehensive financial solutions only Merrill and Bank of America can deliver.

Working with your Merrill advisor and the capabilities of Bank of America, you can experience the benefits of fully integrating your financial life

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The whole picture at your fingertips

Access the power of a connected, digital-forward bank in your hands via our award-winning Bank of America Mobile Banking app footnote1. And get a view of your full financial picture across your Merrill investment and Bank of America banking accounts, updated in real time so you can manage and instantly transfer funds with a single secure login.

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Solutions for your financial life

The investment offerings provided by Merrill combined with the full range of Bank of America capabilities allows you and your advisor access to a breadth of solutions to help meet your financial needs — from borrowing to fund your goals to protecting your money to planning the impact of your wealth and more.

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Rewards like never before

With our expanded Preferred Rewards tiers, you’ll earn our highest reward bonuses on credit cards, unlimited no fee ATM transactions, and other significant banking discounts, as well as access to an array of unique lifestyle experiences.

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A complete, personalized plan

Through one-on-one collaboration, your Merrill advisor will provide a review of your complete financial picture, what’s important to you, and build a personalized plan to help you grow and preserve your wealth.

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New ideas, new perspectives

Our time-tested, trusted global research and perspectives from BofA Global Research, armed with cutting-edge intel can help you make sense of the financial landscape and make more informed decisions.

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A connected team

Your Merrill advisor will be your single point of contact connecting you with a team of key Bank of America specialists across banking, lending, estate & trust and more.

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It’s beyond rewards, it’s appreciation

You do a lot with us. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. To thank you, we want to help you do, see and experience more. As a client and member of Preferred Rewards, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

Maximize your benefits as a Preferred Rewardsfootnote2 member

your Merrill membership plus enrolled in preferred rewards equals earn even more

Imagined with you in mind

Enjoy exclusive benefits as a Preferred Rewards member and elevate your wealth management relationship.

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Rewards Bonus

on eligible Bank of America® credit cards


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access to unique experiences and premium offers

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Interest Rate

on a new purchase or refinanced mortgage

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on choice select everyday banking servicesfootnote3

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Exclusive rewards for Diamond and Diamond Honors tier members

Choose from our extensive selection of unique offers for every interest, including travel, luxury merchandise, health & wellness, events & experiences, food & drink and other personal services.

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Earn even more with Bank of America® Preferred Rewardsfootnote2

With the Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit cardfootnote4, Preferred Rewards members can earn up to 3.5 points for every $1 you spend on travel and dining purchasesfootnote5 and up to 2.62 points for every $1 you spend on all other purchases.

A breadth of solutions for what matters most

Uncovering opportunities. Meeting challenges. Taking that next step forward. Whatever your goals, working with the combined power of Merrill and Bank of America together offers a wide range of solutions to help you get there.

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Digital tools so impressive you can’t stop banking

Whether you’re making a transaction, linking accounts, or viewing your full financial picture, our award-winning digital capabilities online and in the app make accessing your accounts and rewards in real time easier than ever. Connect with your Merrill advisor to learn more.

Mobile Banking requires that you download the Mobile Banking app and is only available for select mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply.


To enroll in the Preferred Rewards program you must have an active, eligible personal checking account with Bank of America® and maintain the balance required for one of the balance tiers in your combined qualifying Bank of America deposit accounts (such as checking, savings, certificate of deposit) and/or your Merrill investment accounts (such as Cash Management Accounts, 529 Plans). You can satisfy the combined balance requirement for enrollment with either:

A three-month combined average daily balance in your qualifying deposit and investment accounts.

A current combined balance, provided that you enroll at the time you open your first eligible personal checking account and satisfy the balance requirement at the end of at least one day within 30 days of opening that account.

You must have a qualifying balance of at least $20,000 for the Gold tier, $50,000 for the Platinum tier, $100,000 for the Platinum Honors tier, $1,000,000 for the Diamond tier and $10,000,000 for the Diamond Honors tier. Private Bank clients qualify to enroll in the Diamond tier, and may qualify for the Diamond Honors tier based on their qualifying Bank of America, Merrill, and Private Bank balances. Refer to Personal Schedule of Fees for details on accounts that qualify towards the combined balance calculation and receive program benefits. Eligibility to enroll is generally available three or more business days after the end of the calendar month in which you satisfy the requirements. Benefits become effective within 30 days of your enrollment, or for new accounts within 30 days of account opening, unless we indicate otherwise. Certain benefits are also available without enrolling in Preferred Rewards if you satisfy balance and other requirements.


Monthly maintenance fee waived on up to four checking and savings accounts. Visit the Preferred Rewards page for a list of no-fee banking services.


Credit Card Preferred Rewards Bonus. Certain credit cards are eligible to receive a Preferred Rewards bonus. Enrolled Preferred Rewards members with eligible Bank of America® credit cards can receive a Preferred Rewards bonus of 25% for the Gold tier, 50% for the Platinum tier, or 75% for the Platinum Honors, Diamond or Diamond Honors tier on each purchase. If your product receives the 10% customer bonus, the Preferred Rewards bonus will replace the 10% customer bonus. The Preferred Rewards bonus for eligible cash rewards credit cards will be applied after all base and bonus cash rewards have been calculated on a purchase. For example, a $100 purchase that earns 3% ($3.00) will actually earn $3.75, $4.50 or $5.25 based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. For all other eligible card types, a purchase that earns 100 base points will actually earn 125, 150, or 175 points, based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. The Preferred Rewards bonus is not applied to any account opening bonus, if applicable. The Preferred Rewards bonus also does not apply to the bonus earn for certain programs. This information can be found in the Program Rules associated with those credit cards. Other terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your card’s Program Rules for details about how you will receive the Preferred Rewards Bonus. Program Rules are mailed upon account opening and are accessible through the rewards redemption site via Online Banking or by calling the number on the back of your card. Visit for a complete list of ineligible cards.


Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Program Information. How You Earn Points: You earn points when you use your card to make purchases, minus returns, credits and adjustments (“Net Purchases”). The following transactions are not considered purchases and will not earn points: Balance Transfers and Cash Advances (each as defined in your Credit Card Agreement), fees, interest charges, fraudulent transactions and certain other charges. Unlimited 1.5 Points: Earn 1.5 base points for every $1 of Net Purchases (non-Travel and Dining) charged to the card each billing cycle. 2 Points: Earn 2 base points for every $1 of Net Purchases made with the card in the Travel and Dining category, with no limit on the number of points you can earn. Travel and Dining Category: Dining includes Restaurants, including Fast Food, and Drinking Establishments, such as Bars or Taverns. Travel includes: airlines, hotels, motels, timeshares, trailer parks, motor home and recreational vehicle rentals, campgrounds, car rental agencies, truck and trailer rental, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators and real estate agents, operators of passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferries, boat rentals, parking lots and garages, tolls and bridge fees, tourist attractions and exhibits like art galleries, amusement parks, carnivals, circuses, aquariums, zoos and the like. Purchases from some merchants that provide travel-related goods and services will not be eligible, like in-flight goods and services, and duty-free airport purchases. Travel and Dining Category Processing: Merchants are assigned a merchant category code (MCC) based on the merchant’s primary line of business. We do not determine which MCC a merchant chooses to classify itself. We group similar MCCs into Categories to help you earn rewards on purchases made at specific merchants. Your purchase may not qualify to receive the Travel and Dining Category earn rate if the merchant does not process transactions under the MCC that corresponds with the Travel and Dining Category, or your purchase is processed through a third-party payment account, mobile/wireless card reader, digital wallet not supported by Bank of America or similar technology where the technology does not support transmission of MCCs. For those Net Purchases, you will earn 1.5 base points per $1. Not all merchants accept all credit cards. How You Use Your Points: When your points balance is 2,500 points or more, you can redeem your points for cash rewards, including a statement credit, an electronic deposit into a Bank of America® checking or savings account, or for credit to a qualifying Cash Management Account® with Merrill or qualifying 529 account with Merrill. Points may also be redeemed for travel at the Travel Center, or gift cards. Cash rewards shall be issued for a U.S. dollar sum and may be requested on demand. Each point redeemed is worth $0.01 (2,500 points = $25). Points Expiration: As long as your account remains open with active charging privileges, points do not expire. Points Forfeiture: If the owner(s) of the card account voluntarily closes the card account, or if for any reason we close the card account, any unredeemed points associated with the account are subject to immediate forfeiture, unless specifically authorized by us. Rewards Program Rules: Program Rules containing additional terms of your credit card rewards program will be sent to you with your new account materials. Other significant terms apply. Program subject to change. 0621RLL.PR.0620