Bank of America Merrill Lynch publishes its 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap Report

UK gender pay gap key points

  • For the purpose of UK gender pay gap reporting, companies are required to disclose the mean (average) and median pay gap between women and men across an entire organisation. The report does not focus on the compensation that women and men receive for performing the same or comparable roles.
  • The UK gender pay gap report shows that as of April 2018, we have a mean UK gender pay gap of 28.3% and a median UK gender pay gap of 29.2% across our three UK legal entities.
  • The underlying reason for our gender pay gap is that there are significantly more men than women in senior and revenue generating roles, making the ‘average’ pay for men higher than the ‘average’ pay for women.
  • We continue to work hard to improve gender balance through our attraction, development and engagement programmes which focus on bringing female talent to our company, advancing women at all levels and supporting economic empowerment of women around the world.
Read full 2018 report here
Access the 2017 report here
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